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    Women have always written but now they are given greater prominence" Carolina Campos

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    Today many of the social gaps between women and men have been left in the past, thanks to the contribution of women like our guest Carolina Campos, with whom we will also have the honor of sharing through the following material.

    Campos, writer of the book “Ferns in the Pores” begins to leave a mark on Costa Rican society and encourages more women to take positions that promote gender equality and respect.

    This time The Costa Rica News reporting team had the opportunity to have a pleasant conversation with the writer. There we go back to her origins and how she managed to connect with poetry to make it an essential part of her life.

    From a very young age she remembers her mother and her whole family at home celebrating the Epiphany. It also highlights the emotion experienced when receiving a book as a gift within this celebration. Well, she defines that since learning to read, it became one of her favorite.

    As for the impulse that allowed her to become a writer and fulfill this dream, the writings of the Costa Rican poet Silvia Elena stand out. Who, as an anecdote, Campos reveals that she went to a workshop of this poet and was captivated by her essence to the point that today she became her best friend and both share a passion for poetry.
    The inspiration is born because she wants poetry to be an instrument as a springboard to help more women in their daily struggles
    When we started talking about what inspires her to write, Carolina laughed and immediately responded that she was a woman in the first instance, but also about nature, emotional healing, social justice, population, and equality.

    “Each one of us has our own path, do not compare yourself with anyone, seek support to get ahead in order not to put aside your dreams. There are many obstacles for women but my strongest message is let’s act as such, united we are stronger”, says Campos.

    Although today society is just begining to organize itself to give women their role back, a single act is a precedent for other women to take spaces. I do believe that with a poet who writes, the way is opened for other women. From there this organization was born.

    Women as complete as “Jícaras”

    At this point in our interview Carolina Campos was excited to share with us everything she intends to do through the organization she belongs to called: Colectivas Jícaras.

    When asked what is her contribution to this type of organization in the medium or short term, she comments the following: “I want poetry to be a strategic tool to get to know each other, heal and denounce what is wrong but also to serve us to have fun and educate ourselves”.

    After the pandemic, the “Jícaras Collective” intends to reactivate its activities and the call is so that we all can follow them and see very closely the entire organization and contribute.

    The most important aspect is that if you want to obtain more information you can do it through the social networks of the aforementioned group on Instagram as @Jícaracolectivas and on Facebook Colectivas Jícaras.

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