Granada’s Poetry Festival Discusses Central American Integration

    At the pre-opening of the festival's 2018 edition

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    During the pre-opening of the 14th International Poetry Festival of Granada, panelists from Central American countries discussed the cultural integration that exists in the region. A group of writers from Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras held a discussion on Sunday to discourse and promote literary techniques of cultural integration in Central America, which took place in the “Casa de Los Tres Mundos”, in the colonial city of Granada, southeast of Managua, capital of Nicaragua.

    At least 130 poets attended the debate held within the framework of the Granada’s International Festival of Poetry  where representatives from Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica and other countries, among which were: Salvador Madrid (Honduras), Julieta Dobles (Costa Rica), Hernando Franco (Panama) and Roberto Fernandez Iglesias (Panama), underlined the efforts made by the old masters of letters, such as the late Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío (1867-1916), emphasizing the relationship maintained by the so-called ” Principe de Las Letras Castellanas “with his peers from the region and his efforts to maintain the cultural connection with other literati, artists and intellectuals of Central America at a time when there was no Internet.

    Also, the group of Central American writers stressed that they have the premise of expanding the literary culture within Central America, to strengthen cultural knowledge, especially among the youth of their nations. They also advocated promoting greater regional cultural and literary exchange and looking for ways to make books more accessible to youth.

    The debate, which also involved the president of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), Tony Raful, occurred in “La Casa de Los Tres Mundos”, in the colonial city of Granada, 45 kilometers southeast of Managua. The fourteenth edition of the International Festival of Poetry of Granada will be held until next Saturday, February 16th, in honor of the Nicaraguan poet Fernando Silva (1927-2016) and in memory of the Honduran Roberto Sosa (1930-2011). The festival It will also be celebrated within the centenary of the birth of the Nicaraguan poets Enrique Fernandez Morales (1918-1982), Maria Teresa Sánchez (1918-1994) and Mariana Sanson Argüello (1918-2002). During this edition,  although the essence of the appointment is universal, with the presence of representatives from all continents. The Festival will insist on its decision to appeal to letters as an instrument that promotes Central American integration

    Poetry on the streets, parks, schools and other public places

    This is one of the most important poetry festivals in Latin America and during this edition, it foresees different public activities in theaters, squares, and schools throughout Nicaragua, in honor of illustrious Central American poets. The participating poets will recite their verses in the corners of the colonial city of Granada, as well as in the “Plaza de la Independencia”, in the San Francisco Convent, in cultural centers, atriums of churches, schools, and universities. The event will also feature a microphone in the Central Park of Granada, open to anyone who wants to declaim their poems, as well as literary workshops, book presentations, concerts, exhibitions, and conversations, as well as the Joaquin Pasos Youth Poetry Contest.

    In the same way, within the agenda, the emblematic Poetic Carnival will be performed with dances, comparsas, recitals and musical concerts, as well as a book fair. During the poets’ carnival, topics such as racial discrimination, that persists worldwide, its consequences, and dangers in the search for human true integrity, will be discussed.

    The ticos representation will be headed by the 5-time winner of the National Award Aquileo J. Echeverría and the National Prize of Culture Magon 2013, Julieta Dobles, in addition to outstanding poets such as Macarena Barahona Riera, Susana Mora, Edmundo Retana, Carlos Rivera, Osvaldo Sauma, Paola Valverde and José María Zonta.

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