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    Guanacasteca Explains the Value of the Marimba through a Video in Switzerland

    The Guanacasteca based in Bern, Switzerland, Yareni Briceño Pereza, had the opportunity to present, together with the Costa Rican Embassy in Switzerland, a video...
    Geneva , Switzerland will have the Highest Minimum Wage in the World

    Geneva, Switzerland will have the Highest Minimum Wage in the World

    The residents of the canton of Geneva (Switzerland) voted in a referendum on September 27, to pronounce in favor of a minimum wage of 23 Swiss francs per hour

    Costa Rica Is the 4th Most Competitive Country in Latin America

    Costa Rica is the 4th most competitive country in Latin America, according to the Global Report of the World Economic Forum 2018, published this...

    Sylvia Poll’s Record: 30 Years of A Historical Feat

    30 years ago, on September 21st, 1988, Costa Rica made history thanks to the swimmer Sylvia Poll when she got its first Silver Medal...

    Edelweiss Airlines Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Operations in Costa Rica

    The Swiss airline Edelweiss celebrated last Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, its 1st anniversary of operations in Costa Rica with the direct flight between San...
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    Costa Rica Means Prosperity in Central America

    Sometimes when we look at rankings we only care the position our country is in. Many times the list doesn't mean much by itself,...

    Soccer Corruption Is Global

    FIFA investigations continue with startling results. The United States and Switzerland take lead positions. "The problem of corruption in soccer is global," stated Loretta...
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