Guanacasteca Explains the Value of the Marimba through a Video in Switzerland

The Guanacasteca based in Bern, Switzerland, Yareni Briceño Pereza, had the opportunity to present, together with the Costa Rican Embassy in Switzerland, a video in which she explains what the marimba is and the importance it has as a national instrument and national symbol.

The screening was presented within the framework of the IX Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival. “The project/video that I made consisted of a brief explanation about the marimba, the value, and importance it has in our culture, and the execution of three pieces, a video that was presented before the projection of a Costa Rican film within the framework of the IX Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival “, said the Artist.

The invitation to participate in the video came from the Costa Rican Embassy in Switzerland because the young woman has this musical instrument in Bern. “They contacted me since they knew that I had the marimba here and asked me if I had any material that I could share with them, at that moment I realized that I did not and although I had some videos they were in vertical format and for the cinema, it was not the most appropriate, so we thought it would be nice to talk a little about the marimba and decided to do it all from scratch”, she added.

The young woman is very grateful because Costa Rican music continues to be enjoyed in Bern, “I greatly appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to share our music, our folklore and a little information about the Traditional Costa Rican marimba with the Tica, Latino and the local community here in Switzerland. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and for being able to continue sharing this art with more and more people”.

Unique process

The making of the video, in which the young woman’s interpretations of the following songs are heard: “Caballito Nicoyano”, “Amor de Temporada” and “Espíritu Guanacasteco”, was unique, “it was two days planning what I was going to say, include and play, two days recording and editing the material and in that process, it also occurred to me to put the subtitles in German so that the message could reach as many people as possible “.

If you want to watch the complete video, you can do so by entering the following link:

Resonance Costa Rica