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    Sport Fishing Generates 13 thousand Jobs in the Country

    Representatives of the Costa Rican Federation of Sport Fishing (FECOP) stated that the sector generates around 13 thousand direct jobs in the country and...

    Discover the Best Places to Go Fishing in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica has been positioning itself worldwide as the ideal fishing paradise. And it is that its tropical climate allows this activity throughout the...

    Costa Rica Holds the First International Roosterfish Tournament

    Costa Rica is a mecca for sportfishing. And the site FishingBooker knows it pretty well! People travel from all over the world to fish the...

    Sport Fishing Costa Rica’s Central Pacific

    Costa Rica's sport fishing records speak for themselves with over 80 as well as claiming numerous IGFA sportfishing records. Costa Rica’s central Pacific is...

    Charter fishing near Cabuya, Costa Rica: Up close and personal

    The rod bent over, the line started to speed out with a satisfying whirring noise and everyone jumped to attention. Andrew reeled in a Jack, a Black Tuna...

    Kayak Fishing in the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica

    Our kayaks bobbed up and down in the Pacific swells as I lowered my fishing gear to the bottom of the palm-fringed bay. I was hoping to hook into a big Mahi Mahi or a Red Snapper, when a thought occurred to me. "Do the crocodiles ever swim out this far from the estuary?"

    Ocean’s dead zones expanding; billfish more exposed to capture

    A recent research study revealed that billfish and other finfish are becoming more vulnerable to overfishing as dead zones (hypoxic zones) expand and shoal closer to the sea surface.

    Panama – first Central American country to restrict longlining

    PANAMA CITY, Panama and FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., USA – After banning commercial purse seining from its waters in July, the Republic of Panama has...
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