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    Have You Visited San Jose's Colegio Nacional de Señoritas?

    The “Colegio Superior de Señoritas” (Superior College of Young Ladies) is an educational institution located in San José
    How Digital Technology Aids in Costa Rican Schools

    How Digital Technology Aids in Costa Rican Schools

    Computers, smartphones, video beams, digital cameras or calculators are some of the many tools currently available
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    How Can Virtual College Tours Help You To Choose the Right College?

    Going off to college is a big step. It's the first one many young adults take towards the career path that the majority of...
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    VI Edition of the International Post Graduate Program in Science, Technology and Innovation.

    Organized by the International Cooperation Unit of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Telecommunications (MICITT), the VI edition of the International Postgraduate Options Fair...
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    Top 20 High Schools in Costa Rica

    The results are in! See how your colegio ranks against other high schools in Costa Rica. EKA, the empresarial magazine, recently published a list of...
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