Tica Student is Awarded Honorable Mention in European Mathematics Competition

The Costa Rican Math team was recognized at the event

Nicole Lipschitz, a Costa Rican student, received an honorable mention at the European Women’s Mathematics Olympiad (EGMO) 2020, for obtaining the maximum score in two exams.

The competition was last April, however, this participation and the recognition of the Costa Rican team made up of Lipschitz from Colegio Británico, Kristel Acuña from the College of Technological Orientation of Barbacoas de Puriscal, Maricruz Vásquez from the Reina de los Ángeles Bilingual School and Susana Jiménez from the Costa Rican Scientific College de San Pedro, will allow them to continue competing in other events.

“This experience was very enriching for having been able to experience new things and for having met representatives from other countries, although they recognize that the process before the competition was complicated by the difficulty of the exercises and the high level that characterizes this competition,” said José Luis Campos, member of the International Mathematics Olympics Support Team for Costa Rica.

Math Olympiad seeks to level the proportion of participation between women and men

Historically, only 10% of the people who attend the Mathematics Olympics are women, for that reason the EGMO has been seeking since 2012 to level the proportion of participation between women and men in the World Mathematics Olympiad.

For this year, the Olympiad was held virtually, and as preparation, Professor Campos and other teachers who participated in previous years prepared the group with practices in Geometry, Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Algebra.

Acuña will participate in October at the Central American and Caribbean Mathematics Olympiad; Lipschitz and Vásquez will represent the country at the International Mathematics Olympiad next month in Russia.

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