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    3 Realistic Options to Become a Resident | TCRN

    3 Realistic Options to Become a Resident

    A lot has been said about the Costa Rica residency process application procedure, however what is true and what is a false is only...

    Costa Rica Retirement: Legal at Last

    After a year of effort and a few thousand dollars, Layne and I have finally accomplished our goal of becoming legal residents here in Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica Retirement: You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

    With the extensive coverage in of retirement, residency processes and other aspects of expat life in Costa Rica, this weekly publication has developed a loyal following of readers interested in getting questions answered before making the big move to retire here.

    Barrantes & Associates: Meeting Legal Needs in Costa Rica

    The realities of life are always there no matter where you live, something the legal firm of Barrantes & Associates fully understands. Established in 1999, my team at Barrantes & Associates is fluent in English and can handle all legal needs.

    Costa Rican Immigration Moves In Mysterious Ways

    With the mountain of mandatory paperwork properly authenticated and safely in the hands of our attorney by late June, as outlined in a previous...
    Costa Rica sunset over Pacific Ocean.

    Costa Rican Residency: A Blizzard of Paperwork

    Featured Columnist – Retirement & Living Kat Sunlove When my husband Layne and I first looked at a detailed outline of the documents required by Costa...
    Costa Rican Consulate in Houston, Texas

    Costa Rican Residency and the “Oops!” Factor

    Featured Columnist – Retirement & Living Kat Sunlove Every nation has a procedure for obtaining legal residency and Costa Rica is no exception in requiring voluminous...

    Getting Started on Legal Residency in Costa Rica

    When you decide to pursue legal residency in Costa Rica, finding the right lawyer to guide you through the complex laws and Tico bureaucracy will be your most important first step...

    The Long Road To Residency in Costa Rica

    Living in Costa Rica is a pleasure, but the path to becoming a legal resident here is anything but. Not only are the laws written in Spanish, but the rigorous process itself is complicated, confusing, and fairly costly. Without a sense of humor, parts of it can be a royal pain. However, the benefits outweigh the difficulties and the lessons I learned in gaining legal status here may be of value to anyone considering a permanent move to this beautiful tropical land.
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