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    Costa Rica Celebrates Its Free and Compulsory Primary Education System

    On November 10th, 1942 the “Costa Rican School Day” was decreed. This day is considered auspicious to remember the purposes of Costa Rican education founding principles that begin with the following: “Every inhabitant of the Republic has the right to education and the State has the obligation to try to offer it in the widest and most appropriate way”

    The “Huetares”, A Native Ethnic Group Inhabiting What Is Now The Costa Rican Territory...

    The Huetares were in the 16th century the most important community in what is now central Costa Rica, being the main population when the European conquerors arrived

    San José’s “Casa Amarilla”: Where Architecture and History Merge

    The "Casa Amarilla" (Yellow House) must be one of your must-see places in San José. This building takes its name from the other color...

    October 29, Commemorating the Signing Of Costa Rican Independence

    La Ley de Independencia de Costa Rica fue firmada el 29 de octubre de 1821 por el Ayuntamiento de Cartago , luego de recibir la noticia de que el 28 de septiembre en el Consejo Provincial de la Provincia de Nicaragua y Costa Rica, reunidos en León, había decidido el absoluto independencia del gobierno español y la posible anexión al imperio mexicano proclamada por Agustín de Iturbide

    Hacienda Santa Rosa, a National Landmark with a Deep Historical Meaning

    Hacienda Santa Rosa is a national historic monument of Costa Rica, located in the province of Guanacaste, in the Liberia Canton, Santa Rosa District, it is one of the largest and oldest farms in the country, since 1663 there are data of its existence as a site where agricultural and livestock activities were carried out through the years until 1966

    Columbus Day: A Commemoration Surrounded By Controversy

    Every October 12, Costa Rica celebrates the Day of the Cultures, also known as Columbus Day in the United States, Day of (our) Race,...

    Discover the Orosi Valley: Great Coffee, Great History, Great Views

    The Orosí Valley, in the province of Cartago, extends between the slope of the Irazú volcano and the cloud forest of the Tapantí-Macizo de...

    Prehistoric Cave Rock Art from the Lives of Our Most Ancient Ancestors

    Rock painting is a type of rock art made by prehistoric people on the walls or ceilings of caves, humans drew or painted the...

    Pablo Presbere: a Symbol of Indigenous Resistance against the European Conquest

    Pablo Presbere (1670? -1710) was an indigenous king of the community of Sincé, in the region is today Talamanca, south-east of Costa Rica. He...

    Learn About the History of Costa Rica’s Achievements in the Olimpic Games

    Costa Rica officially entered the Olympic stage for the first time in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, with the participation of the Costa Rican Bernardo...

    Have You Visited San Jose’s Central Post and Telegraph Building?

    The Central Post and Telegraph Building of Costa Rica is one of the most emblematic historic buildings in the city of San José, as...

    A Heartfelt Tribute to the Always Remembered Poet Rogelio Fernandez Güell

    Rogelio Fernández Güell. Writer, poet, politician and Costa Rican journalist. Puritan man, principled, courageous and sincere with his political ideals. He was a deputy...

    Pharmaceutical Scams in Old Costa Rica: A Lesson for The Present

    Health was not a priority for 19th Century Costa Ricans. Our forefathers lived in unhealthy conditions, especially those who inhabited cities without sewage systems,...
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