Some Tales and Legends of Fright for You to Enjoy This Halloween

Whether you believe them or not these stories have their place in the collective imagi-nation

Tales and legends of frights and all kinds of paranormal activities are closer than you think on Halloween, but what you cannot imagine is that many of these festive events have mostly surpassed reality and have been framed in history as strange events and in many cases very mysterious to explain.

Latin America has many of these kinds of creepy events originating from the syncretism created from the three distinct cultural backgrounds that blended in these lands: Native Americans, Europeans, and African descendants, all of which brought with them their traditions of ghost and witchcraft. On this topic, we present here a series of facts that will undoubtedly give you shivers. We often ask ourselves if Halloween is only a party time to wear a costume or if this celebration is connect with the unknown.

Our first stop is in Costa Rica, of course, with the inexplicable facts that enclose the terrifying history of the “Duran Sanatorium”, an institution that first opened its doors in 1918, and that distinguished itself from the others by offering specialized services to patients with tuberculosis in an advanced state. And it happened that while this hospital was still in use the volcano Irazu erupted from which a large part of his patients and staff were trapped, dying in the burning lava. After this event, the health center closed its doors, but from it, a lot of legends were born that remain inside its structure that is still almost completely intact and is said many detached souls of those who perished still roam the halls.

In Argentina, an urban legend has gained a lot of strength, and it is the one that says about the “ghost of Felicitas Guerrero” that appears in the church of her patron saint, that is, Santa Felicitas. It is said that this soul has not been able to rest in peace because this woman was shot to death for jealousy by one of her suitors.

The Aztec country, Mexico, has a great mystery, since a man named “Julián Santana” decided to decorate with macabre dolls every corner of his home to carry away the spirit of a boy who drowned in a nearby canal, Santana announces that this spirit has never dared to bother him for fear of the terrifying decoration with dolls.

In Venezuela, there have been numerous supernatural events, which undoubtedly nowadays come to attract attention for their high content of suspense. One of these stories that stand out is the well-known story about a woman with sheep’s horns. It is said that the daughter of a fervently religious woman sold her soul to the devil to avoid being punished by her husband for being unfaithful with his best friend. Many of the residents of the location called “La Pastora” say they have seen the ghostly figure of a woman making sounds very similar to those of a wild boar or a hyena. So they assure that her soul is anchored in this place and that by such mystery it will never rest in peace.

The ghost of the queen

A ghost story from across the ocean.

Also in other latitudes of the globe, truly strange situations have occurred, such is the case of the Polish model Agnieszka Kotlarska, Miss International 1991, who was viciously killed by Jerzy L. who confessed that he killed the model in cold blood after being obsessed with her for at least a year; This man stabbed four times the former beauty queen in the chest and part of the abdomen, she died after being admitted to the emergency room. The whole world was shocked by the death of the former Polish beauty queen, but many thought that she was being persecuted by death because two months before her murder she had managed to come out unharmed of an almost certain death when making the last-minute decision not to fly on the TWA flight 800 that left New York and which crashed into the sea, being one of the largest disasters in the aeronautical world.

The beauty queen’s personal photographer Kotlarska died in this accident, so it has been presumed on more than one occasion that the model and her work team had been pursued by death. As a curious fact Agnieszka was the third beauty queen of Poland, who dies in strange circumstances. In 1987 after the Miss Poland pageant, the title of the first finalist at that time Krystyna Zyla fell from the highest floor of the hotel where she was staying, immediately dying, the incident occurred in Warsaw. Also in 1994 Magdalena Jaworska, winner of Miss Poland 1984 died electrocuted in her residence, after the dryer mysteriously fell into the tub where she bathed. All these events could be a coincidence or not, meanwhile are you already prepared to say trick or treat? 


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