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    Some Tales and Legends of Fright for You to Enjoy This Halloween

    Tales and legends of frights and all kinds of paranormal activities are closer than you think on Halloween, but what you cannot imagine is that many of these festive events have mostly surpassed reality and have been framed in history as strange events and in many cases very mysterious to explain

    Halloween: From Ancient European Folk Tale To Worldwide Celebration

    Honoring the memory of those who no longer exist on this earthly plane, that is the basis on which the celebration of Halloween was created. Different myths, legends, and customs are part of these traditions, cultures, and idiosyncrasies. Halloween is part of those traditions that began in Europe and as time went by it expanded to the United States and other countries in the Americas.

    October – Time to Celebrate More Than Halloween

    October will no longer only be considered the tenth month of the year.  The month where we celebrate the festival, Cultural Encounters, on October...

    Halloween and the Spirits of Pura Vida

    On October 31st the holiday of Halloween will make its annual appearance in many of the ex-pat enclaves throughout Costa Rica. Some of the...
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