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    Family Creates Board Game Inspired by Costa Rican Legends

    Rescuing Costa Rican legends, as well as promoting popular culture, led an enterprising family to create "Pura Vida Monsters," a card game that includes...

    Folk Legend of Costa Rica Devil Chingo Cultural Expression.

    "El Diablo Chingo" (the Chingo Devil), also called Chingo Negro, is a character from a Costa Rican folk legend, native to the province of...

    Some Tales and Legends of Fright for You to Enjoy This Halloween

    Tales and legends of frights and all kinds of paranormal activities are closer than you think on Halloween, but what you cannot imagine is that many of these festive events have mostly surpassed reality and have been framed in history as strange events and in many cases very mysterious to explain

    Fire Mountains and Earth Shakers: Costa Rica Legends and Myths

    A brief look into Costa Rican myths and legends surrounding volcanoes and earthquakes.
    Costa Rica's stone spheres.

    The Stone Spheres: A Costa Rican Mystery

    Nestled in the Diquis Delta near the town Palmar Sur is one of the most intriguing and unique finds throughout Costa Rica. Known to the Ticos who live in the area as Las Bolas, these stone spheres, some three hundred in number, have both puzzled and fascinated scholars and visitors alike.
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