The “Cerro De La Muerte” Strips Its Legends

    Also called Cerro Buenavista, it is located in the central mountainous axis of Costa Rica, encompassing the provinces of Cartago and San José

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    All the countries of the world have their urban legends, some of them adapted to their culture, geographical location, and way of dealing with others. This particular Costa Rica does not escape from having its own, that is why through this material we will not only know what these types of legends are about, but we will also learn from the mouths of its protagonists what it is about and how they reacted during their close encounter with the afterlife.

    It is one of the places where most unexplained events have been recorded is the Cerro de la Muerte (Hill of death), although its real name is Cerro Buenavista, the locals baptized it this way because of many of the paranormal stories that have this area as their epicenter.

    The Child of Casa Mata

    Delving a little into the culture of this place we were able to learn thanks to the popular rumor that at kilometer 32 of this hill that is also part of the Inter-American Highway of Costa Rica, specifically at the height of Casa Mata, a child appears, drivers claim to have seen him in the early morning hours.

    The strange thing about the case is that at first several coincide in having seen him in this place but after that and after traveling a few more kilometers the boy is seen again. Some claim that during transit through this area they can even run into him 3 times in the same trip.

    As additional information we can share with you that this child has a ghostly appearance and only appears planted in the middle of the road with a lost look but does not do anything to drivers, he just stays on the road wandering as if waiting for something or someone.

    A legend that is very present in this town

    To complete the popular rumor, we had the opportunity to talk with Alirio Rodríguez, who has a small business based in Casa Mata. He was emphatic in saying that he has never experienced the “ghost” even though he has lived all his life in the place.

    However, Rodriguez emphasized that on more than one occasion he has had to help drivers who have come across the mythical child several times on the road, only this time the creature is accompanied by a woman dressed in white.

    Other legends surround this place, but the most important recommendation in this regard is that when you have to travel along this road, do so with total caution and equipped with all the necessary tools to bring the trip to a successful conclusion and arrive without major setbacks to your destination.

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