Social Network: Powerful platforms for Emarketing Strategies

The great growth of social networks has given us a lot of power and they have become an extension of our reality

The so-called “social networks“, are new channels for the image, essence, and content of a brand or product, in any case positioning them as the most accessible brand for new consumers, is the main reason why they are promoted in this type of new platforms.

Internet social networks have undoubtedly become a social phenomenon that revolutionizes the way of communication and interaction that until now we had as human beings. Basically, it is a virtual community in which users enter to interact with people from all over the world who have common tastes and interests, their main functions being to connect users who know each other or not but do not wish to do so, allow the centralization of information and resources (photos, videos, thoughts and more) in a single place of easy access and exchange with others in which it is the users themselves who generate and manage their content.

Given a large number of competitors that exist in this market, it can become a bit complex since they also promote the same products as you. An entrepreneur must make a product more attractive, choosing as the main option for this type of virtual platform, that will allow you to profile your business as one of the most successful, And this is why these social media platforms have become the number one key for businesses to grow.

One of the main characteristics is ensuring that users have absolute control of the information provided within the social network platform itself. The domino effect of this medium makes the contents published viral shortly after being released. Every message that is transmitted is reproduced thousands of times instantly.

In social networks, there are not prototyped or standardized protocols, but any person who wants to participate and be part of it can do so since the access of the same is free.  In any case, and due to an eagerness to explore new directions and phenomena, it is “teenagers” as the group who are highlighted as the most characteristic users.

Starting digital positioning.

social media marketing

To begin on this path, it is extremely important to take network marketing as a starting point, which can be defined by knowing our market and all those that are related, immersed in this virtual world. This may seem obvious, but understanding who we are customers, to whom we are directed and what they need is crucial to create a product that delivers these qualities to the final consumer. On the other hand, it is necessary to address the needs of the buyers. Knowing a target market mainly urges our company to develop effective marketing communication strategies.

Is digitizing your business relevant for you?

Not all social media platforms adapt to all companies, it is important to define what kind of campaign we want to develop to improve our product or service, we must also decide the channel we will use for this purpose. The most selected social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram have options for companies or products, offering options that can vary from free accounts with a moderate impact on the objective of the campaign to the paid advertising that, depending on the investment, can reach a greater number of potential customers.

Ideal network.

By varying between the types of brands, different platforms can help detail the most important product features. For example, if you promote your fashion design brand, social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr are the most important for your campaign. Otherwise, if you offer another type of product or service, less visual, you should use most of your investment in a campaign on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Of course, the longer you stay in different social networks, the greater and better the effect of promoting your product. Always the best option for achievement in social networks is to use a mixed campaign, which involves the attractiveness of platforms with high visual content and the incorporation of informative content on other platforms, giving your potential customers the best way to understand your vision and objectives, as well, highlighting the interest in your product knowing all its features, via the social media platforms you use.

The real world is changing by huge leaps and bounds, and with it, the way of doing business is reinventing itself, nowadays marketing has everything to do with digital strategies, the new brands that do not adapt to this type of tactics simply fall out of the playing field. For companies, social networks are a way of getting information about the tastes, preferences, and shopping habits of their consumers.


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SOURCEYohander Rodriguez
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