Drake Bay’s Women Soccer Team: Breaking Down All the Barriers

The women of Drake Bay are multifaceted. Their goal is to show the way for all Costa Rican woman to get out of the routine and achieve their dreams

Since ancient times, and in different parts of the world, soccer has always been an excellent option to enjoy life to the fullest. And precisely therein lies the importance of the birth of this initiative to create and train a women’s soccer team at the “Drake Bay” locality, which was founded about 6 months ago. It will allow the women of this town to be empowered through the practice of this popular sport.

It is of the utmost importance to point out that over the years the women of Drake Bay have led a very sedentary life since this town so far had not offered a true window for recreation, personal development and fun for its inhabitants. That regrettably on some occasions has led to some of its inhabitants to invest their leisure time in negative activities that directly threaten their integrity.

The objective of this team focuses on self-management, to consolidate women’s empowerment in Drake Bay. The clear objective under which this ambitious project is born stands out mainly in being able to organize a solid team, which allows it to be at the same time a clear and forceful example of self-management and organization for the different inhabitants of this community where young people stand out.

Among the most important plans that are on the agenda when carrying out the execution of this project, it is worth highlighting the ability to fully equip the team with all the necessary implements to be able to carry out matches: uniforms, shoes, socks, anklets, balls, whistles chronometers, among other elements that are used.

The future project will also feature the redesign of the soccer field where the games are held. This will be done within the framework of creating a pleasant place for everyone and giving importance to maintain the ideal conditions for the matches. Among these plans, the construction of spectator stands is planned so that the public attending each game can enjoy them with total comfort.

Consolidation of “Support a Dream”.

As it has been done on other occasions in this same community, this project is sponsored by the owners of the “Drake Bay Getaway Resort”: the couple made up of Yens Jiménez Steller and Patrick Ludwig. They have always thought about the best way to help the most vulnerable of the community, providing effective solutions for the well-being of all inhabitants.

It is worth mentioning that the hotel that both are managing right now (Drake Bay Getaway Resort) is considered one of the best lodges in its style in the whole world. This was announced by the prestigious Forbes magazine last May. This thanks to the combination of elegance, culture, good taste and nature that makes the difference, for both natives and foreigners alike, in this beautiful luxury hotel.  And the own owners seek to improve the most possible, all surrounding environment, being a wonderful example of eco-organization. This makes them an obligatory example not only for Costa Rica but for other parts of the world that intend to develop initiatives like this.

How to collaborate. The way to collaborate

To be part of this great initiative is quite simple, it can be done through [email protected] or you can also contact them through the telephone number +50660037253 for more information on the project. It should be noted that the money collected will be used in its entirety to pay for the expenses of uniforms, shoes, and the other implements mentioned above.

It is also necessary to point out that you can also collaborate donating clothing or related items that are within your reach. Any help, however small, is important and could make a big difference.

We are Ticos, we are the difference.

Although one of the owners of the Drake Bay Getaway Resort Hotel, in this case, Patrick Ludwig, is not born in our country (he’s a United States native), that has not stop him from having a great affection for helping the women of Drake’s Bay to go beyond their daily routine activities and discover a totally different horizon that can be accessed through organization, self-management, passion and a desire to be able to demonstrate to themselves and their families boundless potential to be achieved.

This project also highlights the support given by a native member of this community who also begins herself to empower other women through the football organization.  She is called Sobeida Rojas and, together with Yens Jiménez Steller and Patrick Ludwig, has begun to take care of every detail to give shape to this wonderful idea that allows this community to be completely transformed.

Finally, it is important to mention that we must support this type of initiatives, so we invite you to collaborate and become part of this wonderful project that aims to enrich the lives of our local women. So you already know, the invitation is open, the decision is yours. ¡Collaborate!

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SOURCECarlos Silva
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