Soccer Star Keylor Navas Passes the Quarantine in His Native Costa Rica

Complying with all the health security protocols dictated by the Costa Rican government, soccer star Keylor Navas accompanied only by his family nucleus and following the personalized training given by the Paris Saint Germain team, spends his  COVID-19 quarantine days, in his native country Costa Rica.

It is important to know that Keylor Navas is a quiet person and has been seen very little on social networks. On a few occasions, the former Deportivo Saprissa player has published something that reveals his current whereabouts, however, his wife, Andrea Salas, has openly shown that the Navas Salas family has a good time on Costa Rican soil.

Navas in his spare time has taken advantage of being very close to his family environment, and the recent social network, Tik Tok evidences this, which has become a favorite of Keylor Navas to show a little of his privacy.

As published by ESPN in a recent interview, Keylor Navas spent the first days of confinement in a house located in La Garita de Alajuela, an area where only he and his family members who accompanied him on the trip from Paris, France were. The Tico had to remain isolated for 14 days by the health guidelines dictated by the Government of Costa Rica.

“I have a special training session given by my club, I have also been doing with my family all the sessions that we have on Electrobody, which are videos that help us a lot, I run on the treadmill enough to maintain the physical condition”, the former Real Madrid player said in a Facebook Live broadcast.

He also commented on his particular diet: “I try to keep a balance in the food, because nutrition is super important to keep fit and I try to cover all the details in constant contact with the club dietitian ,” said Navas.

To this date, the Ligue 1 de France has not been canceled, so the Costa Rican mainly spent his days doing the personalized work that the Paris squad has sent him to stay physically and mentally fit when he is called back.

At least until June 15th Navas will be in Costa Rica

The borders in Costa Rica are closed until June 15th, so Keylor Navas must at least stay in the country until that date before returning to Paris, France to face the UEFA Champions League since his club PSG is the current national champion.

For her part, Andrea Salas, wife of Keylor Navas, has shown through social media, that after the 14-day stay at home, they are moving around in Costa Rica, a country of just 52,000 km2 where going from place to place is quite simple since there are no such considerable distances.

Giving a little more freedom, the Government of Costa Rica provided residents in the country with the opportunity to enjoy the beaches from 5:00 am to 8:00 am, Monday through Friday, an opportunity that Keylor Navas did not miss and posed with his wife at Reserva Conchal, a luxurious hotel located in Guanacaste.

Keylor Navas during the confinement decided to change his look, the Costa Rican boasts of having dyed his hair yellow, a tone of which we had not seen the winning goalkeeper of three consecutive UEFA Champions League.

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