Rio Piedras Dam, a Project for the Benefit of All the Tico Community

    Upon completion, the project will bring water for human consumption to half a million people in Nicoya, Carrillo and Santa Cruz

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    The dam designed for the Piedras River can be defined as a large-scale project that is developed for the common good. That is why Miguel Pablo Dengo on behalf of the National Underground Water, Irrigation and Drainage Service (Senara) announced the status of said project and how its evolution will have a positive impact on the sustainable development of half a million of people who will be the main beneficiaries in the towns of Nicoya, Carrillo and Santa Cruz.

    Alliances designed for the common good

    It is appropriate to note that for the 100% functional development of this project, two important modern institutions that make life in Costa Rica have strengthened bonds of fraternity.
    Their alliance can be defined as follows: the 55 kilometers of the west channel and the primary network were designed by the National Groundwater, Irrigation and Drainage Service. While on the other hand, the dam of the Piedras river, the spout and the power house were designed by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) in a strategic alliance.
    In the midst of this alliance, the main authorities of the nation also had a leading role, including the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, and also the ministers of the environment Carlos Manuel Rodríguez and agriculture, Renato Alvarado.
    In this way, it is also appropriate to mention that 18,800 farmers are expected to have water for irrigation during the 12 months of the year even in the midst of any period of drought.

    More of this Project, in updated data

    The project expects to have a height of 53.5 meters above sea level. Its crest will reach a length of 485 meters. It is estimated that its development and construction will cost close to $ 142.5 million. It will flood 850 hectares. Its width will vary between 16 and 20 meters and the length will be 55 kilometers from the Piedras River to the intersection of Route 21 in Palmira.
    In total, this project will be 350 kilometers long between primary secondary and tertiary channels. Likewise, the execution was scheduled at the end of 2021, the current year.

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