Radical Natural Healing with Zahrah Sita

A little over 10 years ago, Zahrah Sita made a bold move to leave her home in the U.S. with 2 small children and relocate in Costa Rica. She had a vision, a dream, to live closer to nature, to learn about medicinal plants and natural healing, and to experience the tropical rainforest up-close.

Zahrah has a background in education and professional training in several modalities of the healing arts. This includes herbology, nutrition, fasting, and internal cleansing. She also has professional licensing and accreditation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, shiatsu, and other bodywork therapies.

Zahrah’s dream to experience the tropical rainforest, as well as to begin learning about medicinal plants and healing traditions, was manifested rather quickly after her decision to move to Costa Rica. Within a few months, Zahrah was offered a position managing the well-known permaculture education center, Punta Mona, located on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. The center is an off-the-grid compound nestled within the Gandoca-Manzanillo reserve, a short distance from the Costa Rica-Panama border. There are no roads to Punta Mona. It is a true nature experience, accessible only by walking trails through the jungle or by boat.

During her stay, Zahrah met many old-time locals from the area who quenched her thirst for learning. They offered their experiences and wisdom in regards to healing plants and traditional remedies used for ailments.

Zahrah had the opportunity to test these plants and remedies on the students who stayed at the center, as well as her own young children, who suffered from various infections, rashes, and illnesses as their bodies and immune systems adjusted to intense tropical living.

Zahrah remained at Punta Mona for a little over a year before following her calling to venture out and continue learning and networking in other parts of Costa Rica. Zahrah continued to manifest teachers: local elders, shamans from various tribes such as the BriBri, Kekoldi, and Cabecar, and many foreigners who had also relocated to this little gem of a country.

In 2009, Zahrah was faced with one of her greatest challenges yet as a person dedicated to the healing arts. She received a shocking diagnosis of a rare and advanced stage of cancer. Zahrah had a saying that repeated in her thoughts since she was young: “Within the rainforest lie the cure for all diseases.” It was this belief and her passion for natural healing that motivated Zahrah to create her own natural healing protocol and embark on a mission to eradicate her cancer.

Zahrah’s protocol included a blend of a specific diet, several rainforest herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and internal cleansing techniques. This method proved to be a success – in less than 6 months the cancer was gone, and Zahrah has continued to remain cancer-free since. This success motivated Zahrah to continue refining her protocol and using it to help guide others facing cancer diagnoses back to health.

The quest for absolute health and wellness did not stop there for Zahrah. Please stay tuned for the next installment of this article to learn more about Zahrah, her quest for radical healing, her adventure as a seeker of truth, health, and awakening, and her leadership in the healing arts in Costa Rica.

Zahra is available for online wellness guidance and coaching, as well as in-person appointments. She offer guidance, individualized healing plans and detoxification programs, acupuncture and TCM services, energy healing, and other healing modalities. She is also available as a guest speaker or workshop leader at events such as cacao ceremonies.


Creating journeys in the Costa Rican jungle in concert with sacred plant medicines. We set out to find true connection. To ourselves, to each other and to the source.

Radical Natural Healing Part 2


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