Project That Helps Street Youth to Rejoin the Tico Society Requests Your Support

    We can all help to solve this poignant social problem

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    Reducing the young population that lives on the streets and helping them to reintegrate into the Tico society, is the objective of the Matías Family project, an initiative that offers intra-family support so that people can get back on track in their lives.

    Through this program, four or five young people live together in the same house in a family nucleus, which allows them to understand the other cases and try together, as a family, to redefine their life projects and face their social environment.

    The project has managed to stay alive thanks to the charity of the people, so the population is invited to support this cause, so that more young people can have the necessary resources for a dignified coexistence during the process.

    Support is needed to carry on

    “The needs are all that a family has, rent and basic services must be paid every month, food, we have material needs; but also a need for companionship. People can come and share with the boys one night, even use virtual shapes and share in a social bubble”, said William Chacón, manager of the Matías Family project.

    Food, clothing, hygiene items, basic services and accompaniment are some of the needs that need to be attended to. If you wish to collaborate, you can do so through the following accounts:

    IBAN account: CR62015201001040241681
    Current account: 001- 0402416-8
    ID: 1-1161-0309
    Phone: 8833-3302

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