Private Chats in Askfm Initiated By Users from Costa Rica

    Ticos were given the right to be the first in the world to test private chats!

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    The Askfm app conducted a survey on what features users are looking forward to the most, and the residents of Costa Rica said that they would like to chat anonymously with each other. After half a year, the functions were implemented, and the residents of this country were given the right to be the first to test private chats! The function is now available to all users in the application.

    The social network ASKfm celebrated its 11th birthday in June. Over the years, the application has brought together 348 million users around the world, who exchange 600 million questions and answers each month.

    For this event, the social network, whose main feature has always been anonymity, will launch 1:1 private anonymous chats. That is the next step of ASKfm’s one of the most-loved features – public group chats.

    Why Chats?

    In March, the social network launched the first public group chats. This feature was positively rated by more than 70% of users, creating more than 4.5 million chats in the first 4 months! Until that moment, communication on the social network was based only on questions and answers and follow-up threads moderated by the answer author.  Now, literally, every user of the application can join the discussion under a post. Askers can chat freely and follow up on the topic they find interesting.

    Publicity of the published content was always a key pillar of the platform. All answers and follow-up messages were visible for all registered users across the globe since the very beginning of ASKfm.

    At the same time, they listen to the suggestions by their users. Recognizing the points of frustrations that some users are currently experiencing when they want to shift their 1:1 conversations to a new, more intimate layer. Private chats will allow them to do so. It will open a whole new horizon for millions of new conversations at ASKfm. This was stated by Tomas Jundo, Head of Product Design at ASKfm.

    How does it work?

    Starting a private chat is easy. Just open your friend list or go to the profile of the user you want to chat to. There and in many other places, you will see the “Chat” button. Just tap and start chatting with millions of amazing people on ASKfm.

    This chat will only be visible to you two. You can start chatting anonymously. Once you decide to reveal yourself, just send an open message. Remember, you can have only one active unique chat with another unique user. Millions of unique users at ASKfm = millions of chats to start.

    If someone sends you a private message, it will show up in your inbox labeled “Private”.  You can also archive, report, or block unwanted users by clicking on the “…” options icon in the top right corner.

    “We paid maximum attention to the safety of one-on-one communication with anonymous users. All the content in private chats will be checked for compliance with the platform’s rules by our AI safety system, and messages that violate them will be removed immediately,” affirms Janis Grivins, CEO of ASKfm.

    How to get access?

    You can receive an unlimited amount of messages and reply to them in Private Chats for free. If you want to start a Chat with anyone, you need to be an active VIP ASKfm subscriber.

    VIP subscription includes 6 other unique bonuses:

    – Upgraded profile

    – Bonus coins

    – Account promo

    – VIP status

    – Secrets – create locked answers and earn coins

    – Complete lack of advertising

    Key Takeaways

    With the new Private Chat, you can connect with any ASKfm user privately.  Private Chats is a Premium feature. You can receive unlimited private messages and reply to them, but you can’t initiate a private conversation without being an active ASKfm VIP subscriber. Start anonymously but reveal yourself when ready.
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