“President Alvarado Must Be Held Responsible for Side Effects of Covid-19 Vaccine administered to Children”

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    Parents of a foreign student from Europe are holding President Carlos Alvarado and Minister of Health Daniel Salas personally responsible for any physical damage caused by the vaccine against Covid-19.

    The parents of the student, who is following his education in San José, are of the opinion that by excluding unvaccinated people from social, cultural and sport activities, the government is forcing indirectly those who have doubts or do not want to be vaccinated to get the vaccine.

    The decree signed in October establishes the vaccine against Covid-19 as mandatory for public sector workers and also empowers private employers to demand it from their employees implies that people do not have a choice anymore if they want to keep their jobs.

    Should we not take the vaccine against Covid-19 to beat this pandemic?

    That could be the case if this vaccine is really protecting you against Covid-19, but numbers show that it is not. You can see that hospitalized patients are both vaccinated and unvaccinated. The percentages are about the same as how many are vaccinated or not in the population of that country.

    Vaccinated people are now causing unwanted outbreaks of Covid-19. The majority of them are not aware that they have a Covid-19 infection. Those who have other health issues or are vulnerable are still at risk of getting seriously ill or even dying, despite being fully vaccinated.

    According to the CDC’s website adverse reactions are happening in up to 90% of the children under 18 who are vaccinated. These reactions range from getting COVID itself to death and many other side effects. (

    Statistics show that especially in the case of children the vaccine serves as more of a health risk than the disease itself. It is reasonable to estimate that most children (and the population in general) have already been exposed and developed natural immunity with little or no symptoms at all as their immune systems are strong.

    Are you stating that we should not be vaccinated?

    It is everybody’s free choice to get an injection with this experimental mRNA technology. But the government should not be mandating the decisions. It should be made on a personal basis between each citizen and their health care provider or medical institution.

    There are treatments against Covid-19 that have proved to be effective. These are medicines that have been used for decades and have no side effects. So we have the possibility of low cost treatment with no risks. We do not need to divide the society in a battle field between vaccinated and unvaccinated, we do not need to spend so much of the taxpayers money on vaccines, QR-passes and other measurements that disrupt our society.

    Why are you holding Alvarado and Salas personally responsible?

    The injection against Covid-19 is an experimental mRNA genetic based technology. The companies producing these are excluded from any health damage claim caused by the vaccine. This is stated in the contracts they have agreed on with each country buying their product and thus with Costa Rica.

    Carlos Alvarado and Daniel Salas have also signed the decree that makes the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for public sector workers. On top of that, unvaccinated citizens, residents and tourists will be excluded from a big part of society as of December 1st.

    It is our human right that we have the choice to reject medical treatment. Alvarado and Salas are making this free choice impossible for the people in Costa Rica with their unlawful mandates.

    Therefore we believe they should be held accountable for the outcomes or effects of the medical decisions and procedures they are mandating for the people they represent. If the vaccines are safe and adverse rea t to be minimal then they should be willing to be held accountable for the decisions they make for millions of people.


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    1. What are your sources for this complete nonsense? The mandates are 100% legal and the vaccine is not experimental. There is not one single reputable source that support any of these claims you falsely claim.

    2. Both sides of this health debate are not only in Costa Rica but through out the world, the sources are multiple and the passions are strong, at the end it should be an individual choice for each person (and family).

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