Perplexing Underwater Structure Discovered In The Costa Rican Pacific Coast

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    There is something down there, but what is it? A mysterious underwater structure was discovered in the Pacific, 300 miles off the west coast of Costa Rica, near Isla del Coco. Will it be a natural formation, an ancient structure created by a lost civilization, or a modern construction?

    The author of this article discovered the anomaly in 2018 using Google Earth. He is an amateur underwater archaeologist and attributes the discovery to his knowledge working in the maritime industry and his deep passion for exploring and protecting the world’s oceans.

    A few years ago, he had the opportunity to visit Cocos Island on a 10-day excursion as a diver / passenger on a Liveaboard dive boat, the” M / V Argo and since then has been drawn to the area. Cocos Island is a famous destination for divers, known for the large number of hammerhead sharks found around the island’s waters.

    While there, the operators of the diving company Undersea Hunters Group offered him a certified submersible pilot, a 335-meter Deep Water dive aboard a submarine used for scientific and tourist purposes.

    It was a fantastic adventure visiting and snorkeling in the waters around Isla del Coco, and since then he has returned (virtually) to the area using Google Earth. And that’s how the structure in deep water was observed. 

    The mysterious underwater structure of the Pacific is located approximately 80 km NE of Isla del Coco, Costa Rica. It is almost 2,000 m deep. The coordinates are 6 degrees 04 ′ 56 ″ N 86 degrees 03 ′ 16 ″ W.

    The hither to unknown underwater structure is huge and resembles a modern airport. The mysterious underwater structure is almost 130 km wide. The individual tracks / roads are approximately 8 km wide and have shadows that seem to imply that they are elevated above the seabed”.

    The comparison between a modern airport and the mysterious underwater structure found in the Pacific is obvious. The design of the two bears a striking resemblance. The main difference is that one is 300 m above sea level, the other more than 1,800 m below sea level

    Incredible marine life abounds around the sea areas of the national park

    Why would a large airport be located at the bottom of the ocean?

    Without conducting an underwater study, it is difficult to determine if the anomaly is natural or artificial. Currently, it is also impossible to tell how old the structure is. Experts have been asked if they have come across something like this before.

    Some comments received suggested the structures are simple sonar anomalies, where the side-scan sonar photos of the seabed when joined together create the lines. Yes, you can see the “stitches” crisscross the entire ocean floor. However, the 45 degree angles and connected parallel “roads” in this structure look different. They don’t appear to be random lines on the bottom of the sea. In the author’s opinion, “there is more to see here than just sonar lines.”

    Also, the question, why would a massive structure just lye at the bottom of the ocean? Perhaps in a much earlier time, that part of the ocean was dry land. It is clear that this mystery opens all kinds of questions to consider.

    The world is ready for new discoveries, it is time to expand our knowledge. Our oceans are full of secrets, and if we take the time to explore the underwater realms, we can find incredible structures, new life forms, and uncover mysteries that we never thought could exist.

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