Pearson and the University of Costa Rica Make an Alliance for the Certification of English Language Proficiency

    With the support of the British Embassy in Costa Rica and the Ministry of Education, this alliance for bilingualism Pearson-University of Costa Rica is announced

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    In order to offer the best English certifications to the Costa Rican population, the University of Costa Rica (UCR) in alliance with Pearson carried out the launch event of Pearson English International Certificate (PEIC) with the support of the British Embassy in Costa Rica and the Ministry of Education, within the framework of the national strategy “Alliance for bilingualism (ABI)”. The PEIC is a globally recognized certification accepted by companies and educational institutions as proof of English proficiency.

    “Today we celebrate that the University of Costa Rica has become a certifying center for our PEIC exam. The University, being the most relevant body in the educational field in Costa Rica, becomes the best strategic ally for Pearson in the implementation of development programs that meet the objective of improving people’s lives through learning” , commented Dr. Sebastián Rodríguez, VP Sales Operation Pearson Latam.

    Internationally recognized certification

    The Evaluation Program in Foreign Language of the School of Modern Languages ​​of the UCR already has in its repertoire with exams that evaluate 8 different languages, and now with the PEIC exam, the scope of communication skills of the English language can be measured through from an internationally recognized certification.

    “The current context of high competitiveness both nationally and internationally, promotes initiatives like this, which seeks to certify the command of the English language. A high investment process like this one needs reliable evaluation tools with supportive studies like those offered by Pearson”, explained the director of the School of Modern Languages ​​at the University of Costa Rica, Dr. Allen Quesada.

    Alliance for Bilingualism

    The UCR is actively involved in the initiative Alliance for Bilingualism of the Government of the Republic in order to expand and strengthen the use of English in the Costa Rican population; and the agreement with Pearson provides the ideal conditions to establish with reliability and high quality a standardized assessment tool for English language ability. This test satisfies the learning objectives of both the teaching entities and the candidates themselves.

    Present at this great event were Mr. Ben Lyster-Binns, Ambassador of His British Majesty in Costa Rica; Dr. Diana Senior Angulo, Director of International Affairs of the University of Costa Rica; Dr. Allen Quesada, Director of the School of Modern Languages ​​of the University of Costa Rica; and, from Dr. Sebastián Rodríguez, VP Sales Operation Pearson Latam.

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