Nature Trails, Waterfalls and a Dive Into a Natural Pool: Get to Know: “La Presa” in Alajuela

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    For all those people who repeatedly look for new little-known destinations, to go on an adventure, go hiking and enjoy the weekend, now we take you to know “Posas and Cascadas La Presa”, a small family tourism business located in Río Cuarto de Alajuela.

    Two hours from San José is located this farm that offers natural beauties, adventure and hiking for people in times where due to confinement, it is important to reconnect with nature and perform physical activity.

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    This 55-hectare farm, managed by three brothers, was born as a tourism project just over two years ago after Kenneth Murillo, administrator and the eldest son of the Murillo family, visited a farm in Puriscal and observed how, in a relatively small area, they managed to develop a tourism project and by proposing the idea to his family, “Posas and Cascadas La Presa” was born.

    Fun activities with nature for all

    Over time they placed bathrooms and parking and today they already offer food service in a small restaurant and more. “The place has more than seven natural pools, which are special for bathing, perhaps to remember those old days when one went into the rivers. It is a family-oriented place, we have waterfalls, the last three are ten meters high. We also have an eight meter jump for those who like adrenaline activities, as well as a 30 meter long suspension bridge, a spiral staircase, a camping area and a tour of the dairy farm”, Kenneth Murillo told us.

    The depths of the natural pools vary but ensure that there are for children and adults. There is a single path in good condition of about 600 meters that leads to all the pools. The owners ensure that it is accessible to anyone.

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