Party Hard All Night in San Jose and Have A Great Time

Going out to party through the streets of San José is an exciting night adventure, ex-perience and enjoy it to the fullest

Going out partying in our country is an adventure in itself. From clubs opened 24 hours with huge dance tracks to artisanal beer breweries. Young people who study in the capital of our country on weekends are given a huge break from the books by going out to party and distract themselves from so much stress they have had during the work week, and good options for them is culture, good food and at night go and shake it!.

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San José for all tastes.

In our capital, we have the “pink area” as everyone calls Escazú, which is the finest and most posh section of the capital. Here are concentrated places to enjoy something to eat with groups of friends, such as the “Pocket”, bars to listen to live music, such as the “Central” or trendy nightclubs famous for its themed parties. Let’s talk a little about this area of town, that always enjoys a spectacular atmosphere, both in the daytime and in the evening.

Just ten minutes from Downtown by car, taking reference to the Cathedral of San José. It’s a place to hang out with friends, meet people, go shopping center or just wander around. It has varied restaurants serving both international and local dishes, and the best part is the many fun nightclubs where to go dancing. It should be noted that the local clubs are filled with young people, attracted mainly by its varied offers and accessible prices.

This is one of the focal points in San José that you can visit and enjoy. When the evening arrives this wonderful place has a little bit of everything for everyone, so do not think twice about going out for a visit here. Now it’s up to San Pedro, which includes a lot of neighborhoods. This district stands out for having the University of Costa Rica. Very close to the University we find the “Calle de la Amargura”, it is ten minutes from downtown San Jose by car. And very contrary to what its name would make you suspect (bitterness street), it is nothing less than a fun center full of enjoyment for young people. It is very popular among students for its large number of bars and restaurants. If you want to start with something quiet,  you can find excellent options in “Calle 2”, and the best part is that the prices are great and the food is cheap. In addition, there are also “football days” when it’s packed with people enjoying football games.

When you walk these streets of our capital you will realize that the nights in our country are very active and fun-filled, especially for our college students who make the most of them and never stop dancing.

Saturday is the best option for all those who wish to party, there are bars and discos with very large dance floors for all types of dancers. Club range from electronic and techno to tropical and salsa music clubs.

A typical night tour can begin for example in “Desamparados”, a club with more than 40 years of existence. When this club opens its grandiose doors an irrepressible party arises from there. The music of this place is varied and with a strong repertoire, it offers sometimes up to five orchestras per night.

Club Vertigo in San José Club Vertigo is without a doubt one of Costa Rica’s largest night club

Not far from there we find another well-known club. The current administration has eight years running and without a doubt is one of the most important dance halls in our country. “Salsa” music plays an important role in this place, but also other contagious rhythms like bachata, and merengue.

There are other popular places with excellent service and a great party that go from 9 P.M. to 2 A.M. and not only that, on Sunday’s live groups are present for the enjoyment of all those who visit these lively places to spend a night of celebration.

To conclude remember to avoid “drink and drive”, so that is why we recommend using the available taxi services. Always verify that they comply with all the law requirements such as yellow triangles on the doors and rate meters. Enjoying a night out in the town is great but your safety is paramount.

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SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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