Orcas Shine In Corcovado National Park

    The area where they are most likely to be found is in the South Zone, particularly between Drake and Caño Island

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    The Orcas, the largest members of the dolphin family, were seen in the Corcovado National Park, to the surprise and delight of a group of lucky tourists. The photographs were taken by the guide Josue Baires Ortíz from the Rainforest Wildtour last Tuesday, January 9th, in the waters of the park.

    “There are no words to describe this moment. Simply grateful for living in Costa Rica and working in one of the best national parks in the world,” said the guide sharing the photos.

    The researcher and expert on cetaceans, César Castro Azofeifa, explained that these animals visit the country with some frequency, and the area where they are most likely to be found is in the South Zone, particularly between Drake and Caño Island, and in the Golfo Dulce.

    According to the data shared by Castro, between 1990 and 2020 there are 31 registered viewing reports, with 105 individuals, but “without a doubt there are many encounters that are not reported,” he explained.

    Orcas travel through the waters of the tropical eastern Pacific and pass through our country. “Possibly they are attracted by the migration of humpback whales, but there is no evidence to support that they are eaten here,” he explained, indicating that in the country orcas have been seen feeding mainly on sharks and rays, of which they eat the liver only.

    Important part of the national ecosystem

    In addition, they are an important part of the national ecosystem, since they are “top predators” and fulfill a function of regulating their prey, “helping to maintain the balance in their ecosystems.”

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