Nosara Marched In Favor for Protection of the Ostional Refuge Buffer Zone

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    In the framework of the World Environment Day commemoration, a significant number of Nosara residents held a march in favor of the construction control regulation established by the Municipality of Nicoya for the buffer zone of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge; whose application was suspended by order of the Contentious Court on June 1st.

    The regulation is currently the subject of discussion in the courts, due to the fact that a businessman in the area sued the Local Government, considering, among others, that the measures affect the capital gain of his properties.

    Affecting the wildlife

    Regarding the motivations to carry out the march, Alejandro Cordero, one of the organizers, indicated: “We are here to show our support to the Civic Association of Nosara (Local Government Coadjuvant in the demand), in the implementation of the construction regulations in the buffer zone. It is a very sensitive area where a 250 meter tower should not be built with lighting and excess noise, since turtles and other wild animals are extremely sensitive to light. We already have many examples of this, for example, what happened in Playa Grande, where the light comes from Playa Tamarindo, and where fewer turtles come to spawn every day. It is precisely what we do not want to happen here in Nosara”.

    Worrying situation

    The Vice Mayor of Nicoya, María Acosta Gómez, also participated in the march and in this regard commented: “Establishing this constructive control, in addition to protecting the Ostional Refuge, is a way to be able to have sustainable growth and this is very important for Nosareños; The truth is that we have to grow in an orderly fashion. The constructions here are twice what occurs in the first district of Nicoya and this is extremely worrying, because while a regulatory plan is being made – which has very high costs, which lasts its time and has a whole process – this regulation came to cushion that impact a little bit, and by obtaining this ruling to suspend the regulation, the truth is that it is worrying, the people share our concern about it, and they do not want Nosara not to suffer from consequence of it”.

    During 2020 and with the regulations already in force, in Nosara construction permits were processed for 40,000 m2, followed very far by the first district of Nicoya with only 20,000 m2; which clearly reflects the accelerated growth that the area is experiencing.

    In defense of the environment

    Regarding the Court’s resolution that suspended the regulation, Lic. Gerardo Carvajal, in charge of the Maritime-Terrestrial Zone of the Municipality of Nicoya, assured “The Local Government does not share the Court’s resolution due to the ecological relevance of the site, but we respect it, we are studying the issue and the possibility of taking new actions in defense of the environment is not ruled out.”

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