New Scientific Council Will be in Charge of Species Protection for the Costa Rican Fishing Industry

    Enhancing the official response for preserving our marine ecosystem

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    The regulation of species intended for fishing will from now on be in the hands of a specialized technical council to define the official lists and the requirements for their exploitation. It is a technical-scientific council where the Government, fishermen and academics will interact.

    All its criteria will be marked by international conventions on environmental protection. In addition, they will be mandatory for the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Incopesca).

    Full range of issues

    “The so-called Technical Scientific Council for species of Fishing and Aquaculture Interest, shall prepare non-detrimental extraction opinions on the storage capacity and care of the recipients, issue criteria regarding the proposals and projects for the release or reintroduction of species of fishing interest”, explained the environmental authorities.

    The complete package of regulations was framed by decree 42842-MINAE-MAG. The Ministries of Agriculture (MAG) and Environment (Minae) participated in its preparation. According to the President of Incopesca, Daniel Carrasco, he will formalize a scientific authority that manages the most sustainable fishing.

    Immediate effect

    The decree is expected to go into effect this week and take its first concrete actions immediately. As a first task, the group will have 15 days to analyze pending commercialization requests, in compliance with international controls for the protection of species.

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