The Institute for Social Assistance (IMAS) explained that before the tax of 30% that is charged to motels, they are preparing a new regulation in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance which will oversee these facilities better and be more efficient in the collection.

IMAS, explained that the regulations to be issued is the control of establishments in accordance with the Law No. 8343 on the tax on motels, hotels without registration, occasional lodging houses, massage parlors, “night clubs “with room service”.

According to this regulation IMAS is already at the review stage with the Ministry of Finance. The regulation will inspect the premises and seek legal aid if they refuse entry facilities or establish some kind of resistance.

Additionally, the regulation establishes legal items such as books, accounting records, which can be used by the Tax Administration Unit to verify and determine the tax liability.

IMAS also empower the business to be closed for up to five days and sets fines in accordance with the Code of Tax Rules and Procedures for businesses that are not registered prior to operation, for businesses that do not meet the citations unit, to provide false information and maintains the records or records, or take with essential defects or irregularities affecting tax collection.

It also identifies penalties for those who fail to furnish the required information IMAS within the prescribed period.

These measures are taken because the Bank had before the Courts of Justice in collection efforts against motels amounts amounting to 1.1 million colones, exclusive of interest that has accumulated to date.

Moreover, it is expected that this regulation voids the first document which was released by the Ministry of Finance in 2007. At that time, the regulations sought to qualify to motels, hotels without registration, lodging houses, massage parlors and “night clubs”.

However, some employers have refused to pay on the grounds that there was no specific regulation on the categories of the motel, which is necessary for the calculation of this tax.
The IMAS explained that, to date, the tax receipts of the motels amounted to 177.7 million colones, while the previous year was 161.2 million colones.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica