Digital Signature will be Required in February to do any Online banking Transaction

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    As of February 2013, you will require a digital signature for any bank transaction via Internet. This was reported by the Banco de Costa Rica as part of new plans to implement the National Electronic Payments (SINPE).

    This year, BCCR continued the process of opening Registry Offices throughout the entire national territory, in order to provide ease of delivery of digital certificates to users of financial services. Currently, only four commercial banks can operate the digital signature.

    At present, there are 31 registries, which are distributed in all provinces of the country, enabling a capacity of delivering over 150,000 certificates annually. The BCCR reported so far has delivered more than 36,000 digital certificates, which are already being used on the websites of the various organizations and institutions that have enabled this option to their customers.

    The official start for the Certifying Authority of electronic agent will be in January, and with it the digital certificates required by enterprises and institutions to sign transactions and commit legally to their clients when they receive electronic services through their web infrastructure.

    The BCV reported that, additionally, continue with the migration of services SINPE to web technology, which include first instance services multilateral net clearing, ie checks, other securities, direct credit, direct debit and automatic debit authorization.

    As far as new services are concerned, they are working on a proposal for mobile wallet, which addresses the segment of retail payments and is intended to provide public infrastructure to provide Costa Rican society in a secure interbank payment, wide coverage and low cost, to promote the gradual replacement of traditional payment methods such as bank notes and coins.

    The mobile wallet will make available a mechanism that allows access to electronic payments and to achieve higher levels of financial and social inclusion in the country.

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