Planetary Predictions for 2013 – A Pura Vida Perspective

As 2012 departs, taking with it all the drama, highs and lows of the preceding twelve months, the question of what the future may hold is on the minds and hearts of people world-wide. Traditionally, New Years in Costa Rica is a time of reflection on what has gone before and a promise not to repeat the mistakes of the past in the coming year. Traditions such as sweeping the entire house on December 31st as a way of cleansing all the negativity of the past year or eating twelve grapes at midnight as a way of saying farewell to each month of the old year and welcoming each month of the new year demonstrate spiritual significance of the changing of the calendar.

It is not surprising that Ticos and non-Ticos alike look for guidance as to what the New Year may bring even as the celebrations usher in January 1st. For many, this guidance can be found by looking to the stars. As the resident astrologer of The Costa Rica News, it is my pleasure to give a brief overview of the astrological year ahead with a Pura Vida perspective.

The first three months of 2013 will be much like the opening act of a new play; no one is quite certain what the plot line is and it seems that the major actors and actresses are still learning their lines. January through mid-February will be a period of posturing on the global stage without much substance. This could also mean the various financial issues around the world (the “fiscal cliff” in the U.S., the ongoing problems with Greece, Spain etc in Europe, etc) will seem to be hanging in a kind of suspense leaving everyone feeling on edge
When the first Mercury retrograde of the year hits on February 23rd, the level of misunderstanding between people and nations, on personal and public levels could increase resulting in potential conflicts and, in personal relationships, break-ups. Although March is supposed to “come in like a lion and go out like a lamb” the period from March 22nd through the 31st promises to be anything be gentle and serene. Expect a significant event during that time whose repercussions could have a world-wide impact. The realism of our situation may be brought home in a historically dramatic fashion.

The second three months of the 2013 promise to be the most impactful of the entire year. On April 12th, Pluto goes retrograde. Pluto is the planet of transformation, often through destructive means. This transformative energy could enhance the events of late March and become a wide spread rejection of the status quo and a push towards something new.

In addition, during a thirty day period from April 25th through May 25th, there will be three eclipses; a partial Lunar eclipse (April 25th), a Solar eclipse (May 9th) and Lunar Eclipse (May24-25). The power of Eclipses, both Lunar and Solar, has been known to humankind for eons. With the “triple whammy” effect during this time, expecting the unexpected should be the watchword for everyone.

Weather related events (and yes, that could mean an unexpected hurricane or two) are likely, especially after June 7th when Neptune goes retrograde. As the planet whose predominant influence is the oceans, Neptune’s impact cannot be overstated. For example, the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 occurred during a Neptune retrograde. Neptune is also the planet of illusion and escapism. It is important not to mistake “pie in the sky” for an astrological pie in the face.

The third three month period picks up right where the second quarter left off. The second Mercury retrograde begins on June 26th and lasts an unusually long 24 days (the normal length is between 20-22 days). Before during direct on July 20th, Mercury will be joined by Uranus also going retrograde on July 17th. Uranus, the planet of deviation and change, highlights wild fluctuations in events, rebelliousness and a sense of going to extremes. Combined with the communications issues of Mercury retrograde, this three day period could find us all with a simple choice: Be a part of what is happening, stand by and watch what happens, or ask what in the world just happened? Either way, those days will be something to remember.

The single most important astrological aspect of the entire year also occurs during this third quarter. On July 20th, a Grand Trine is formed where Mars trines both Neptune a Saturn. A Grand Trine is where three planets are each 120 degrees from each other and are in the same element (i.e. Earth, Air, Fire or Water). The Grand Trine of July 20th is a Water Sign Grand Trine (Mars is in Cancer-The Cardinal Water Sign, Neptune in Pisces- Mutable Water Sign, Saturn in Scorpio-Fixed Water Sign).

The Water Sign Grand Trine focuses on the emotional and spiritual realms. Emotional intensity will be heightened and a true sense of spirituality could have far reaching effects in a positive way. However, the potency of the feelings and impressions could also be overwhelming. This is especially true given all the drama and the events of the previous few months. Rather than trying to withdraw or pull back from this sensory onslaught, what is called for is to embrace it and allow the transformation to begin.

The final quarter of the year will be a time to catch our collective breaths, look around at all that has occurred and try to make sense of the new world that seems to be emerging. Many of the “traditional” seats of power-political and financial will have undergone dramatic shifts or disappeared altogether.

October 18th brings another lunar eclipse and three days later, the final Mercury retrograde of the year on the 21st. This time period could well see an armed conflict that has been simmering for some time. The communication disruptions of the Mercury retrograde could be the trigger that sets things off.

The total Solar Eclipse of November 3rd could herald some kind of mishap (scandal, assassination, overthrow) of a world leader. What make this so confounding is that this may involve someone who is not one of the “usual suspects”. Nonetheless, the event will cause even more doubt about just how stable our reality is.

The effects of this eclipse are also magnified by the fact that Jupiter, the planet of expansion, joins Mercury and Neptune in retrograde for four days from November 6 through November 10th. As mentioned above, these retrogrades tend to add intensity to each other and, in turn, promise one more round of surprises before Thanksgiving.

The last event of note to occur in the 4th quarter is Venus going retrograde on the Winter Solstice-December 21st. A Venus retrograde can indicate that an essential shift in how wealth is viewed and defined by society is coming. Ironically, this almost seems like an instant replay of the recently passed events in the United States and Europe. A change from “business as usual” to a new model may be in the offing; expect, however, that those who currently hold the purse strings to be less than enthused with that prospect.

Though not overshadowed by the end of the Mayan Long Count, 2013 could well have a much greater impact on the future than we might have thought twelve long months ago. With the harbinger of change extending across the planet, the Pura Vida lifestyle could well become a model for the way things can be, and quite possibly, should be.
A Happy and fulfilling New Year to one and all.

Lou Cheek’s upcoming new book, 2013 Stones and Stars- A Runic and Astrological Forecast, will be available next week on for Kindle e-readers. If you wish to arrange for a personal chart from Lou, feel free to contact him here at The Costa Rica News.

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