The Osa: Costa Rica’s Next Real Estate Development Boom

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    Why are real estate developers turning their eyes to Costa Rica’s Southern Zone?

    Real estate developers have been snapping up available properties in Costa Rica’s OSA peninsula, which is considered by many to be one of Central America’s best places for investment opportunities. Let’s take a look at what the region has to offer.

    Eco Living

    There is no better place in the Western hemisphere for Eco living than the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. The bio diversity found on the Osa peninsula, a timeless tropical nature sanctuary, is unsurpassed by any other regions of similar size on earth. Wild and untamed, this national park and surround area is breathtakingly beautiful and is one of the remotest parks in the country. The Corcovado National Park is a diverse habitat with a plethora of endangered plant and animal species much of which is now a protected habitat.

    Exotic and lush, the Corcovado National Park spans over 41,000 hectares and protects over 140 different mammal species; 400 bird species, 115 amphibian and reptile species, 40 species of fish and more than 500 species of trees. With rare Harbor Squirrel Monkey, Harpy Eagle, poison arrow frogs, indigenous wild cats, crocodiles, pumas and jaguars as well as four species of sea turtles, Corcovado is a favorite among eco adventurers the world over.

    In contrast to this natural haven you will also find super exclusive jungle resorts and estates hidden deep in the emerald green tropical forests of the Osa.

    The small port of Golfito is found on the mainland side of the Gulfo Dulce backed against steep green hills covered with pristine rainforest. This is a popular town as Golfito established a duty-free zone and attracts visitor from all over Costa Rica. You can access Golfito quickly from the Osa by ferry boat or a boat taxi, or breath taking drive around the Gulf. Famous for it fresh fish directly off of the numerous local fishing boats, many people come to buy their fish or enjoy one of the many waterside restaurants.

    The growing number of bio-reserves and conservation areas protected by government and local organizations has limited the available land for development on the OSA, making real estate this area one the most sought-after eco-living prizes in Central America.

    Easy Access to the OSA Attracts Potential Investors

    Apart from pristine, secluded beauty of the Osa, accessibility is a prime driver for development and the new International airport at Palma Sur is a key factor for developers now looking for opportunity on the Osa.

    To see evidence of what happens when international airport access opens in a region we can look at what happened in Guanacaste. When the Liberia International airport expanded, it cut the access time to the area to a fraction, sparking one of the largest development booms in Costa Rica history as resorts, residential, and private home development surged.

    Until the news airport at Palma Sur is complete you will still have to fly into San Jose and take a local flight onto the Osa or drive. Because the drive takes approximately 4 to 5 hours, and the flights from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez takes approximately 40 minutes, many opt for the local flight.

    Local flight services from Nature Air and Sansa each have regular daily flight between San Jose and Puerto Jimenez which is primary port town on the Osa.

    However, for those opting for the scenic route, the principle highway, the Costanera has improved tremendously. Further the new Pista del Sol from San Jose connecting the Central Valley to Pacific Coast makes the drive very easy and pleasant. The drive is extremely scenic with mountain and ocean views the whole way.

    The main highway onto the Osa, Route #245, has also been developed as well as many of the connecting roads again have changed from gravel to paved roads again improving ease and comfort of access.

    Real Estate Availability

    The available real estate on the Osa is limited. First the Corcovado National Park encompasses an area of 425 km² (263 mi²) and that does not include a large number other reserves and conservation projects.

    The available real estate will continue to shrink as conservative efforts of the various eco reserves and parks achieve for more protected areas and further, the government has its own mandate to continue increase protected areas further reducing available development real estate.

    It is these very conservation areas, reserves and refuge projects and the abundance of flora and fauna that attracts tourist and developers to the area. National Geographic has called it “the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity”.

    Finding perfect Developmental Properties is getting more difficult

    Developers of eco lodges, residential development, or private retreats are looking for ocean views, access to terrestrial and marine biodiversity, fishing, close access to towns and villages and access to nature trails.

    We asked our Costa Rica Real Estate Development experts to go in search the perfect piece of real estate for a development project and they selected the a property that ticks all the check boxes for developers or individual looking for a private retreat or estate would be looking for.

    The property looks out over Pejeperro Wildlife Refuge rich in terrestrial and marine biodiversity. A place where you can kayak or canoe and observe humpback whales and their calves seeking a quiet haven along with numerous species of sea turtles.

    At 66 hectares (165 acres) this Costa Rica property is perfect for an eco-development. Sitting at the gateway to Corcovado National Park, the property has access to breathtakingly serene beaches just minutes away. The famous surfing area of Cape Matapalo is just a short drive down the road and world class deep sea fishing abounds.

    It offers seclusion at approximately 1/2 mile off the main road that connects the colorful town of Puerto Jimenez to Carate (6 kilometers from Carate), and has excellent frontage on a side road allowing for easy access yet complete privacy.

    The property is fully titled and has had a complete topographical boundary and land survey completed earlier this year, 2 and also has a full time Caretaker on site.

    We asked the owners what they loved most about this beautiful Costa Rica property, here is what they said. “What we fell in love with and find most engaging about our property in the OSA Peninsula is that it combines everything we embrace about the great outdoors with the unparalleled beauty and serenity of the tropics.” said Jan Reynolds

    Continuing Jan said, “The Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve along with many other reserves surrounding the property and you really have a unique slice of heaven perfect for an eco-lodge, development, or private retreat or hacienda. The property boasts ocean views, streams, a natural spring, abundant wildlife, including 4 different types of monkeys, primary forest, and fruit trees.”

    “Walk alone with nature along a beautiful beach. Hike into the rainforest and bask under majestic waterfalls. Spend an afternoon deep sea fishing, surfing, kayaking, canoeing or on horseback. Or simply take in all the Osa Peninsula has to offer from the view off your front porch.” added Jan.

    Looking at all the Osa has to offer, you can see why developers and the affluent, are buying their piece of paradise. Incredibly rich in biodiversity, close proximity to North America, easy access and tightening availability of real estate is creating one of the most exclusive places on Earth to invest.

    You can see more information on this property at Sotheby’s International Realty – The OSA

    For more information on the OSA or this exclusive property, contact us on the form below, and a Real Estate Investment Consultant with be happy to help you.

    For more information on Real Estate and where to invest Contact Us!

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