National Emergency Commission Declared a Green Alert in Buenos Aires for Wildfires

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    The National Emergency Commission (CNE) declared the green alert for the canton of Buenos Aires (Brunca) of Puntarenas yesterday due to a number of forest fires in the area.

    This was confirmed by Walter Fonseca, Chief Operating Officer of the CNE who said they were working on the situation currently happening in the Buenos Aires of Puntarenas.

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    According to the CNE, the declaration green in that area of the country was issuedn according to the progress reports received by the Municipal Emergency Committee Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires-CME) that indicated monitoring and activities direct response to two major wildfires of high magnitudes, in the areas known as Oca Olan.

    This was due mainly to the lack of rain this year and the increase in the use of fire and therefore a greater number of fires or deliberate actions (vandalism and hunting) or misuse fire while performing a burn that in many cases become wildfires, putting at high risk biodiversity, human population, housing and national landmarks.

    The green alert status (preventive) is issued by the CNE for communities and citizens of the affected area concerned are informed and aware of the situation.

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