Paradise on Chirripó

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    Chirripó National Park Costa Rica
    View from above the clouds, fresh air, and walk through the wilderness are part of the magic of Chirripó. Costa Ricans have been discovering visiting this amazing national treasure more and more.

    To visit this wonderful place the adventure begins with reservations at the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET) that allow you to stay in the hostel Base Crestones, Chirripo National Park. The reservation must be requested well in advance-phone-at 2742-5083.

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    Park management allows a maximum of four seats per person. The best time to climb the mountain is from December to the first half of May. After that date the park is closed for a period of 15 days and is enabled during June, July, September and November. During the month of October, the park remains closed Chirripó.

    The park administration itself recommends travel between January and April because it is the dry season. Gilbert Dondi, Chirripó guide said that although tourists prefer the summer, the vegetation in winter is far abundant, and weather conditions are even more complicated but it is a wonderful experience.

    Two nights of lodging within the park are priced at $ 20 ($ 10 per night for domestic or foreign and, the admission fee is 4,000 colones for domestic and $ 15 for foreigners, it is charged per day.

    Regarding luggage, it is best that the carriers move them to the hostel Crestones Base. The office of the carriers is located in the village of San Gerardo, the cost per kilo amounted to 1,500 colones and must cancel both coming back.

    During the journey, which can take between 6 and 10 hours to the Crestones Base, visitors will be surrounded diverse flora, fauns and agricultural fields. The forest type is primary and this forest is unique in that its height does not exceed 4 meters.

    In lower areas, there are humid cloud forests that can reach up to 50 meters high and cold temperatures. The most common species are oak and evergreen oak.

    As for the fauna, you will see some birds including some exotic as the quetzal. Dondi Gilbert explained that tourists enjoy the journey and discover the wonders of this type of environment. Some of the species that have at home are Chirripó by rabbits, jaguars, tapirs, coyotes, squirrels and cougars.

    The Chirripó Park highest peak is 3,821 meters above sea levelmaking it a taxing journey, but an experience you will never forget.

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