Hermosa Is the First Accessible Beach in the Brunca Region

    Working on the creation of inclusive and accessible beaches

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    With the implementation of 1 walkway, 1 loading trolley and 2 amphibious chairs, Hermosa in Osa, became, this past week, the first accessible beach for people with disabilities in the Brunca Region.

    The project was executed by the Cantonal Council for Inter-institutional Coordination led by the Municipality of Osa and had the support of the National Council of People with Disabilities (Conapdis), the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), and the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network.

    The Network donated the catwalk that consists of a retractable mat, made with 100% recyclable plastic rulers and 6 panels that can be joined together, valued at US$ 500 each.

    “We work on the creation of inclusive and accessible beaches, with the aim of creating a modern and humane canton, which allows social inclusion and citizen participation, under the precept of improving the quality of life”, said the deputy mayor of Osa, Yanina Chaverri.

    Seeking economic reactivation and the right to tourism

    The United Nations (UN) World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) points out that accessible tourism opens up more income and development options for local and national economic reactivation.

    This is precisely what this project in Osa aims to do, in addition to respecting the right to tourism, sports and recreation for people with disabilities. “Costa Rica is once again at the forefront with the inauguration of this first accessible beach in the Brunca Region, allowing a significant improvement in the tourist experience and the enjoyment of the sea for people with disabilities and their families; a sustainable destination must also be accessible”, stated Alberto López, ICT general manager.

    Within the framework of the agreement signed between the Municipality of Osa and the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network, the personnel who will provide the service on the handling and maintenance of the walkway will be trained. The structure will be placed and removed every day by the lifeguards, in order to keep them in the best conditions.

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