Municipality Takes Advantage from the Heights of Buildings in San José

A Foundation Is Experimenting with Small Plantations of Purple Onion, Celery, Stick Bean, Basil, and both Sweet and Spicy Chili

The Municipality of San José started the construction of green roofs, thus becoming the first municipality to break into this field. A proof of this, it is the one installed at the top of the Central Hotel, located on 6th Street, 3rd Avenue.

Guillermo Solera, representative of the “Cultura sin Fronteras” (Culture without Borders) Foundation and owner of the property, said that it is satisfactory to see that a space that was wasted became a plant nursery, which every day takes strength and that benefits society from the environmental point of view as Social.

For him, the social function has a lot of value and, regarding this, there is a space for sustainable organic agriculture, as a learning technique for residents of the area. It has small plantations of purple onion, celery, stick bean, basil, chili (both sweet and spicy varieties) which are used by people who live near the hotel and who are very scarce economic resources.

Green terrace near Banco Nacional building

For his part, Dani Valle, an official of this municipality said that, parallel to this, a forest nursery is being developed whose trees will be transferred to the Interurban Biological Corridor – Torres River, where 500 trees are planned to be planted in 2020.

The trees that will be planted will be Oroporo, Carao, Malinchito, Red Pompon, Lorito, Zota Caballo, and Jocote, among others. They will be in a period of growth in the rooftop nursery. Some of these individuals present a beautiful color that beautifies the landscape and others for being fruitful attract different animals that inhabit the Torres River area.

SOURCEGloria Marín
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