Costa Rica’s Largest Green Condominium Project – Forests of Escazú

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    In early 2012 construction begins on the most extensive and ambitious Green development project in Escazú, Costa Rica. The project will include 120 condominiums with 30 condos per tower, employing the most current environmental technology available, spanning nearly two acres.

    There is approximately $1 million in new green technology being deployed. The technologies utilized will allow a 90% savings in electricity consumption for lighting and 35% overall electricity bills by using solar water heaters. Other green tech includes clean waste water, natural ventilation to avoid using air conditioners, LED lighting, low water consumption toilets and faucets and architecture which supports natural lighting, among other technologies and reforestation of250 tree will be planted, making this the largest condo/reforestation project in Costa Rica.

    Under the motto “Live Green” Bosques del Escazú, Forests of Escazú, will become a demonstration show piece project for Costa Rica. The innovative materials to be used and construction techniques makes this a poster project for green developments. One of the most important aspects of the project is the reforestation of nearly two hectares of green areas that surround the condominiums, as only 25% of the land will be occupied in construction.

    “We are determined to show that Costa Rica can promote truly green residential developments and we want Bosques del Escazú, Escazú Forests, to become the spearhead of a new way to build condos in our country,” said Fuad Farach Caldera, RC Group General Manager.

    The first tower of 30 condominiums and the social area will begin construction in March 2012 and is projected to be completed in January 2013. The entire project will take 2 years to complete.

    Here are some of the environmental elements going into each apartment in Bosques del Escazú, Escazu Forests Project:

    • Solar Water Heaters (35% reduction in the energy bill).
    • LED Lights (90% reduction of electricity consumption).
    • Cutting edge technology in water treatment (reuse of treated water for irrigation of green areas).
    • Taps and toilets with low consumption (saving water).
    • Bioclimatic Architecture.
    • Green Roofs.
    • Cross ventilation (to avoid using air conditioners or fans).
    • Natural lighting (to avoid use of electric lighting during the day).
    • Thermal glass.
    • Pervious concrete.
    • Abundant Nature (apart from the existing vegetation will reforestation project includes the planting of 250 trees).
    • Forest Trails – 8.000m2, designed by the National University to attract butterflies, birds and small mammals.
    • Swimming pool without chlorine or chemicals (cleaning by ionized salts).
    • Timber certified.
    • Non-toxic glues and paints.

    This project is another show case project for Costa Rica which is a country rich with renewable energy. In fact, it gets about 99% of all its electrical energy from clean sources and it’s aiming to be the first country to become carbon neutral. Some of Costa Rica’s energy sources include geothermal energy, the burning of sugarcane waste, biofuels and other biomass, solar and wind energy.

    For more information

    office: (506) 2289-7774

    cellular: 8705-3355,

    email:  [email protected]


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