At least a hundred people living in the “Primo Verdad” buildings, located on Arqueros Avenue, southeast of the city of Aguascalientes (Mexico), evacuated the housing unit to register a microseism in the area, derived from the settlement of a geologically active fault.

Fortunately, there were no injured people; only one under 9 years old who was attended by municipal paramedics, after presenting a nervous breakdown due to the scare. It should be mentioned that some buildings have cracks that should be analyzed, to ensure the integrity of the same and the safety of its inhabitants.

Visible tremor crack on the asphalt near the affected area

Most of those who live there are INEGI workers and arrived in Aguascalientes as a result of the decentralization of this dependency, after the 1985 earthquakes in the then Federal District.

Inhabitants of the place said they had felt at least 3 movements, which are constant, given the activity that presents the geological fault that crosses the site.

The director of Municipal Civil Protection, José Franco Toscano, reported that micro-sensation was felt most intensely in 2 of the multi-family buildings, each of which had 32 families.

“Due to the fact that there are years of damage and the presence of this active fault, there is a plan to demolish some of these constructions and build a park. It is a technical situation that will be announced in detail at the time”. He explained that, in this case, it was the affected people themselves who, without waiting for the emergency services, evacuated the housing unit and, corroborating that there was no danger, returned to their daily activities.