Men’s Soccer in Costa Rica Should Follow the Example of Women’s Soccer say Tico Fans

    Women`s soccer has a nobility that enchants and attracts

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    Male and female soccer in Costa Rica live abysmal differences in our country and despite the difficulties and obstacles that women have in this sport, there is a nobility that enchants and attracts.

    This does not mean that they do not claw, push, fight or give everything to win, but violence and excessive anger are not daily bread, unlike men, who at every moment in which if they can deceive the referee they will, if they can raise a complaint, they will do it, or yell at the fans as if they were the ones in the stands, of course they will, but the number 8 of the League contradicts me.

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    The semifinal and final games of the men’s Apertura tournament were “loaded with garbage.” On the field the footballers did not deal with defeat and at the slightest spark, anger flared, fury, and the solution was aggression.

    Society is increasingly corroded with intolerance

    The heat on the court feels the same or hotter than in the Aserrí buses. Stadium fans offend at levels above human standards. Venegas could not bear the insults he received for 90 minutes in Guápiles and exploded, in the end we all have a limit and he released the plug with his decisive score.

    Soccer is one of the few professions where receiving insults is “normal”. I don’t want to imagine having to write a newspaper article and try to stay focused while receiving insults for an hour and a half. In Alajuela, fans threw objects during the Classic, those who did so remained calm in their seats for the rest of the game, without any consequences.

    In the end, soccer took a back seat

    In the news there was more talk about the fight between Bryan Ruiz and some fans or Leonel Moreira’s push to a colleague that about the game actions, the tactics and work plan that both teams carried out, was left in the background.

    Our society suffers from a disease, I think irreversible

    However, I remember an image that I cannot get out of my head from a meeting between Codea Alajuela and Saprissa in Tibás, where at the end of the game, in a match with an attendance record, Shirley Cruz and Gloriana Villalobos embraced with a huge smile in their faces, putting aside the game on the field enjoying the moment with whom some would call their “arch enemy”.

    With the fans posing behind their backs, that portrait is what we want to see in our national stadiums. Hopefully men’s football is more like women’s football!

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