Meet “Zues”: A Police Dog Who Received the Tico Police Force Medal of Honor

    Standing out for being efficient in locating psychotropic substances throughout the country

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    The Costa Rican Police Force celebrated 72 years of existence this previous week and as part of the commemoration, it rewarded the heroic actions of some of its members. During the activity, held at the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the presence of a dog that went up like the officers to collect its recognition on stage stood out. Among them is “Zues”, a Belgian shepherd who is a member of the canine unit prominent in drug detection. “He stands out for being efficient in locating psychotropic substances throughout the country,” they highlighted when giving the award.

    In his file, Zues is credited with 243 operations. In them he detected 799 doses of marijuana and 11 kilos of the same substance; also 210 kilos of coca, 500 doses of crack and 63 of ecstasy. For such achievements he was awarded the Bronze Cross of Valor.

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    Those recognized by the Police Force

    The Police Force recognitions are assigned each year to the exceptional or brave actions of police officers. The highest “Scarlet Cross” award went to Officer Kimberly Suarez. She was struck by a gunshot to the head while attending a domestic violence call in January of this year.

    Likewise, the Meritorious Public Force recognized four retired former officials, who were recognized for their years of service. The former collaborator with the longest time is Ángel Araya Gamboa, with 40 years. They also highlighted the delivery of recognitions to officers injured or killed in the performance of duty.

    One of them, as a posthumous tribute and delivered to his relatives, was José Baldelomar Ortega, who worked in the Parrita delegation and died in June of this year after being hit by a vehicle while working at a road control in the province of Puntarenas. The recognitions of the Public Force are delivered by the highest security authorities in the country.


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