Meet The Experts: Tomorrow’s India Fest Line-up

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    Local and international experts on Indian culture will share their secrets this Sunday during India Fest.

    Despite recent complications, the Wyndham Herradura hotel in San Jose presses on in preparation for tomorrow’s debut India Fest. The event, which boasts 12 straight hours of workshops, expositions, mystic readings and a market, has been put together by and large by director Andrea Vargas of the Ave Shanti Dance Academy.

    India Fest intends to be an introduction for the general public to the fascinating and integral culture of India by featuring various combinations of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, dance and spirituality.

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    While most of the lectures will be given in Spanish, a steady presentation of dance exhibitions will be available for all those in attendance. Furthermore, Indian-American Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, the keynote speaker for the event, will be presenting English with a Spanish interpreter.

    Tickets can be purchased online via Eticket, or at the door tomorrow morning. The event runs from 9am until 9pm, but before head-on over take a look at some of the experts that will be presenting.

    [vc_tabs interval=”0″][vc_tab title=”Meditation & Ayurveda” tab_id=”1447480588744-4-8″]

    All of the following activities will take place in SALÓN LA PAZ C1 unless otherwise noted.

    Leonardo Cordero

    Leonardo Cordero is a Ayurvedic Spiritual Healer whose focus is on the body mind and emotions. Moreover, he is a Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. His therapeutical methods include wisdom from Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and shamanism.

    Self-curing Through Consciousness, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and More  — 11:30am and 3:15pm

    Miguel F. Sarria (Peru)

    Miguel Sarria has been called a spiritual master of high intuition” as well as a master of the healing arts. He founded the Institute for Integrated Qigong and Health Care. For many years he has studied the applications of medicine, energy, pranic healing, and biological decoding. He is also certified by the Coloring Auras Institute as an apitherapist.

    “The Pranic Process of Heart Expression” — 9am and 12:45pm

    Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar

    A world-renowned Ayurvedic physician and education, Dr. Kshirsagar of the Chopra Center was born of a traditional Rig-Vedic family. During his career, he has set up clinics, taught courses for medical professionals and laypersons alike as well as provided Ayurvedic consultations to thousands of patients. As a best-selling author he as appeared on such prominent television programs as Dr OZ and NBC, and his nutritional beverage and supplement company, Zrii, now has expanded to 18 countries.

    International Conference — 5:30pm

    Vanessa Cavallini

    Vanessa Cavallini blends her professions as a psychologist, yoga instructor and reiki master to provide integrative psychophysical care. She has over 15 years of experience and has given trainings all over the world: Costa Rica, Honduras, Italy, Spain and Palau. Her presentation will be an opportunity to explore internally.

    The Way of the Heart in Every Minute” — 10:15am and 2pm

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    Alejandro Tosatti

    Tosatti is artistic entrepreneur who has been founding and participating in dance and cultural groups since at least 1973. 1994, he won National Culture Prize for Dance from the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, and in 2003 La Nación awarded him the Áncora Award for Dance. His presentation will focus on regenerational yoga movements for creating balance in the body.

    Taoist Yoga: Normalizing the Sacred Terrain” — 10:30am and 3pm (SALÓN LA PAZ B2)

    Andrea Vargas Escalante

    Vargas’s professional career in contemporary and classical Indian (Odissi, Kathak and Bollywood) dance styles has brought her to perform with such groups as the Costa Rican National Dance Company, Compañía Cámara Danza UNA, Introspectiva Danza Independiente and Speculum Mundi. She also studied at San Jose’s Yoga Mandir to become a certified yoga instructor.

    The World of Expression through Bollywood Dance” — 10:15am and 11:30am (SALÓN LA PAZ B1)

    Yoga Danza” — 9am (SALÓN LAS AMÉRICAS)

    Esteban Salazar

    Esteban Salazar is an internationally known yoga instructor who has created his own signature style called Krama Vinyasa –a style that focuses on “an eclectic assortment of postures” as well as a “feeling of flying” through intelligent alignment. Through Krama Vinyasa, Salazar helps his students find inner harmony, inner connection, body openness and intellectual nourishment.

    “Opening the Heart, Anahata Chakra” — 10:14am and 2pm (SALÓN LAS AMÉRICAS)

    Juan Pablo Barahona

    Juan Pablo Barahona began his studies in yoga and natural medicine over twenty years ago when he says he felt called to help each person awaken their full potential and find happiness that shines forth from the soul. His titles include: certified yoga instructor, nutritional advisor, Health and Life Coach, Conscious Living Coach, reiki master, holistic therapist, and director of the Casa Lamat School for Yoga and Integral Balance.

    Yoga and Alchemy of the 5 Elements: Waking Up the Internal Joy” — 12:45pm (SALÓN LAS AMÉRICAS)

    Nango Murray Mackenzie

    From 1980-2008, Nango Murray taught physical education, classical ballet and modern dance at the Universidad de Costa Rica. She began to yoga in 2005 at Nosara Yoga Institute by incorporating variations of vinyasa with the styles of Anusara and Iyengar. In addition to these methods, Murray has taken various courses in Bali, Indonesia and Costa Rica on Yin Yoga, Tibetan meditation, Osho meditation, reiki, pranic healing, Qigong.

    Osho Meditation” — 11:30am and 3:15pm (SALÓN LAS AMÉRICAS)

    Nyree Aguilar

    From 2003 until 2006, Nyree Aguilar studied Ayurvedic medicine at the S.A.M. School in India. Her specialties include physical therapy, the Alexander technique, reflexology, Watsu, Tantsu and Ayurvedic yoga massage.

    Therapy of the 3 Doshas” — noon (SALÓN LA PAZ B2) and 4:30pm (SALÓN LAS AMÉRICAS)

    Verónica Plaza

    Plaza began at the Chopra Center in 2007, where she was certified as an instructor of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. She has taken additional courses on energy from both the Chinese and Hindu perspectives. Her yoga studies have taken her to Venezuela, the States, India and Costa Rica. While her focus is on Hatha Yoga, she has experience in Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Anusara Satva, Kundalini, and Sridaiva.

    The Energy of the Heart, Anahata Chakra” — 9am and 1:15pm (SALÓN LA PAZ B2)

    [/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Spirituality & Culture” tab_id=”6311e315-1d8c-6″]

    All of the following activities will take place in SALÓN LA PAZ A unless otherwise noted.

    Indian Community in Costa Rica

    “Like” Indian Community in Costa Rica on Facebook for regular updates of their activities.

    “Fall in Love with India” — 9am and 2pm

    Guillermo Puchol (Spain)

    No matter what culture or tradition you study, all seem to come to the same conclusion: meditation can bring profound peace, happiness and countless other blessings. Puchol’s practice seeks to use Jyoti and Shabd techniques to bring our attention back to our third eye. His organization, the Science of Spirituality, is a global non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the powers of mediation and the ethical values associated with the practice in order to produce a sense of purpose and significance.

    “The Science of Spirituality: Jyoti Meditation and The Divine Spark” — 10:15am

    “The Science of Spirituality: Jyoti Meditation and the Healing Power of Meditation” — 12:45pm

    Pepelu Sánchez Sánchez (Spain)

    Pepelu Sánchez Sánchez is a holistic coach, Nómada del Mar Healer, Natural Therapy diplomate and master, and ex-vice president of the Spanish Reiki organization. He practices more than 50 different techniques of therapy and is an expert in disease biodecoding, meditation, EFT tapping among others.

    Love in Times of Fear” — 11:30am and 3:15pm

    Reina Ary

    Reina Ary is a Tarot therapist and healer based in Escazu. “Like” her on Facebook for more information.

    Tarot Readings — ‎₡7,000 for 30 mins, ‎₡15 for 1 hour (ZONA MISTICA)

    [/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Dance” tab_id=”1447480490167-3-3″]

    All of the following activities will take place in SALÓN LA PAZ B1 unless otherwise noted.

    Andrea Vargas Escalante

    Vargas’s professional career in contemporary and classical Indian (Odissi, Kathak and Bollywood) dance styles has brought her to perform with such groups as the Costa Rican National Dance Company, Compañía Cámara Danza UNA, Introspectiva Danza Independiente and Speculum Mundi. She also studied at San Jose’s Yoga Mandir to become a certified yoga instructor.

    The World of Expression through Bollywood Dance” — 10:15am and 11:30am

    Yoga Danza” — 9am (SALÓN LAS AMÉRICAS)

    Pamela Calvo

    Pamela Calvo is a professional dancer and professor of belly dancing, Indian dance and tribal fusion. She studied under India Fest’s director, Andrea Vargas among other dancers. She recently completed her International Professorship of Arabic Dancing (Argentinian style) with César Insaurralde. She has been performing with Ave Shanti’s Indian Dance Company since 2012.

    Kathak, Classical Dance of India” — 12:45pm and 3:15pm

    Ana Fallas

    Though a psychologist by profession, Fallas has been practicing various styles of dance since she was very young. Today she has more than 10 years of experience with oriental and fusion styles as well as 6 years with Classical Indian Dancing with Andrea Vargas. She has participated in festivals in the U.S., South America and Panama. She is currently the director of the Alapadma Academy and Alapadma Troupe.

    Odissi: The Divine Dance of Shakti” — 9am and 2pm

    [/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Musica, Chanting & Mantras” tab_id=”1447480412324-2-3″]

    All of the following activities will take place in SALÓN LA PAZ C2 unless otherwise noted.

    Patricia Savastano (Argentina)

    Artist and healer, Patricia Savastano traveled for 20 years studying healing techniques and arts in Italy and Switzerland, researching ancient cures in India and Thailand. She brings her knowledge all together to teach on resonances and their effects on the body.

    “Mudras & Mantras: The Power of Sound and Form” — 9am and 12:45pm

    Rodolfo Muñoz

    With over 25 years of musical experience, Rodolfo Muñoz plays guitar and flute, along with several ethnic instruments including the Sitar, Esraj, and swarsangam. He’s performed in over 600 live shows, and in 2014 Muñoz won ACAM‘s best instrumental disc of the year. His style incorporates latin music, flamenco, arabic music and african music.

    Appreciation and History of Indian Music” — 11:30am and 3:15pm


    At Sat Yoga Institute Shivani studied the philosophy of yoga and meditation. In both the States and Costa Rica she has studied Nada yoga and devotional chanting. In India she took on their classical music such as the hindustani and dhrupad styles. With the Sound Healers Association she learned vocal improvisation and healing sounds. In other words, Shivani is in every way an expert on the power sounds have to transform our lives.

    Mantras y Alchemy: Transforming Obstacles with Wisdom and Universal Love” — 10:14am and 2pm


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