Medicinal Plant Manages to Lower Viral Load Of COVID-19

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    It is common for people to choose plants that often without knowing it, in addition to being aesthetically attractive, generate health benefits. One of them is the Sanseviera Trifasciata, known as a snake plant in the United States and tiger plant in Asia. Despite being native to India, it is found in many places in Costa Rica, where it is called mother-in-law’s tongue.

    According to several studies, the mother-in-law’s tongue has detoxifying properties and purifies the air. Analysis has also shown that it has qualities that lower glucose and cholesterol levels associated with diabetes, as well as insecticides, analgesic, antipyretic, antiallergic, antibacterial and anthelmintic properties.

    Its use to combat the effects of COVID-19

    According to the Tico agronomist and lawyer, Roberto Batalla, it is surprising how approximately 43% of the plant – according to botanical gardens around the world – is used as an alternative cure. Batalla has used her mother-in-law’s tongue for many years against snakebites and for 12 months, to substantially alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19.

    The engineer commented that scientists and doctors are struck by how people with the virus who have lost their smell and taste, begin to recover it in three or four days with an infusion of this plant.

    “It is in no way a replacement for modern medicine. What we see is that people who are sick with the virus do not get worse and do not need to be taken to a hospital. With this I am not saying that it is the cure, nor the vaccine; What we have seen in all cases is that there is significant relief and the faster they take it, the less negative effects they have”, he said.

    How the plant works against the virus

    Batalla explained that being an infusion with a high level of antioxidants, it works to decrease the viral load of the virus and put the antibodies to work. He also said that when he learned about the results of the mother-in-law’s tongue to combat Covid-19, he contacted scientists and doctors. He also developed a hypothesis as to why it is having good effects and this led to the plant being studied in depth at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and other laboratories in the country.

    Among what has been analyzed, is the toxic dose of the plant, to rule out risk factors such as: bioactive compounds, their stability and the bioavailability of the elements of the infusion. “Which of the components of the plant has this particular effect on the virus is being studied. From the information I have, it is estimated that it is the reagent saponins, which is a natural soap present in all plants. Inside it there are a lot of molecules and they are studying which of these has that positive effect ”, explained Batalla.

    To prepare the infusion:

    Preparing the infusion is not a complicated task if you follow these steps:

    – Extract three leaves with the root of the mother-in-law’s tongue, approximately 50 cm each.

    – Wash them with cold water and without detergent.

    – Cut them lengthwise from the rhizome to the tip of them.

    – Subsequently, they are cut into 4 cm long pieces and lightly crushed.

    – In a clean pot, boil a liter of pure water.

    – Once the water is boiled, the pieces of the plant and its root are introduced. Cover the pot and let it boil for three minutes.

    – At three minutes, the liquid is strained to remove pieces of the leaf.

    – Let it cool and drink two glasses every eight hours, only.

    – It should be taken the same day it was prepared.

    People who have taken the infusion say that symptoms decrease by about 90% three days after ingesting it. Another of the testimonies indicates that the difficulties or pain caused by the virus are minimal, but you do feel fatigue.

    This plant has been recommended by Batalla to more than 1,000 people. However, he stressed that in people who have had symptoms for many days and have breathing problems, recovery is even longer taking the infusion. Ideally, take it the first day.

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