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    Medical tourism, specifically in the field of dentistry, is a growing industry in Costa Rica.

    My name is Charles Dennard, a US citizen, and since 2009 I have consulted with over a thousand individuals who were interested in learning more about medical tourism, and in particular coming to CR for major dental work. After all the phone calls and emails with potential clients their three main concerns were:

    • How much does the dental work cost?
    • How much will I save?
    • Is the doctor any good?

    I know as you are reading this article that you might have some other questions, and I will answer ANY that you send me.  By far these are the ones that make the greatest impact in shaping someone’s decision on whether to explore medical tourism in Costa Rica.

    Let’s start with the dentist, Dr. Mario.  Now no one can say who is the best dentist in Costa Rica but, at the end of the day, you can point to important factors that can separate one dentist from another.  I am not here to make comparisons with other dentists.  That’s your job.  But I can make you aware of the qualities that make Dr. Mario one of the best dentists that you can trust with your dental care

    Here are some facts about Dr. Mario:

    • A graduate of the University of Miami, School of Medicine
    • Studied under renowned Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Robert E. Marx DDS
    • 1995 – Specialist in Implant Surgery and Reconstructive Dentistry, University of Miami School of Medicine
    • 1996 – First licensed Implantologist in Costa Rica
    • Recommended by the U.S. Embassy
    • 2009 – Selected as one of only 3 dentists in South America by Blue Cross/SC for their U.S. policy holders through their international subsidiary CGD
    • Dentist to the recent President of Costa Rica – Laura Chinchilla
    • Member of the American Dental Association, in good standing

    Alright, enough about the man, what about his practice?

    Latest technologies
    Latest technologies

    Free airfare for qualified clients

  • All doctors and front-office staff fluent in English  (no Spanglish spoken here)
  • Practices in a multi-million, state-of-the-art facility, with its own lab, built in 2014
  • Provides total dental care in all disciplines including Endodontal, Periodontal and Orthodontic
  • Anesthesiologist on call
  • Facilities on-site vetted and approved by Blue Cross Blue Shield/SC through subsidiary CGD
  • All general dental chairs have a view of our Japanese garden through floor to ceiling windows
  • Equipped with the most advanced dental surgical center
  • Post-op recovery lounger
  • Full-time 24/7, Spanish-fluent concierge for U.S. and Canadian clients (that would be me)
  • It costs you nothing to contact me, and escape the trap of the outrageous and financially devastating dental prices in the U.S.  Even after the cost of your trip here, you will still save multi-thousands of dollars, enjoy a beautiful country, and arrive home with money in your pocket.

    Let’s begin a safe, affordable dental adventure with a brilliant, compassionate dentist, Dr. Mario.  Simply send us an email at [email protected], and we will help you learn more about this opportunity to have the smile you always wished for.

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