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    Not too many years ago, a trip to Costa Rica was a real bargain.  But the word is out – more travelers have arrived, and prices have definitely risen.  No denying that it is more expensive than a trip in other Central American countries. But you must consider the pros and cons of traveling to one of those countries given the safety issues, health concerns, lack of good infrastructure, and poor tourist facilities.

    So if you want a really amazing trip to a unique and beautiful tropical location, Costa Rica is still a great buy!  A lot will depend on what type of trip you want – high-end deluxe will be expensive wherever you go.  But there are many ways to make your holiday to Costa Rica easily fit within your budget.


    As Costa Rica has become a favorite destination, there are now even more airline carriers than ever.  Which means more competition and more options – so be sure to do your research and shop around before booking your flight.  The cost of your flight will depend on where you are starting from – Florida will be a quite a bit cheaper than from Seattle for example.

    Tips to Save Money on Flights to Costa Rica

    • Once you have determined which airlines you might prefer, then sign up for their price alerts.  Once you are on their mailing lists, you will be notified about unexpected discount prices if you can be flexible about your departure dates.
    • But if your schedule doesn’t allow for that kind of flexibility, then be sure to book 90 days ahead.  Booking ahead can also give you the best rates rather than leaving it to the last week or so.
    • The time of year will also determine the price.  Flights in the rainy season (or ‘green season’ as it is called) will be quite a bit cheaper than high season prices.

    Do not be put off by travel in rainy season.  For some, rainy season is actually their favorite time of the year here.  It has a charm all its own – the amazing thunderstorms and riveting lightning displays, the lushness of the rain forest is breathtaking, the abundance of wildlife now that it is cooler, less tourists, and special ‘green season’ prices make it a fantastic time to visit.


    The number of tourists visiting Costa Rica has been growing at a steady increase.  And the number of options and the range of choices has been increasing as well.

    There are the standard all-inclusive resorts to consider.  But there are also a range of quaint little B&Bs, beautiful boutique hotels and even tree houses to rent or surf camps for an adventure holiday.  Your budget and your choice of what kind of trip you are looking for will be the determining factors to consider when making your decision.  And once you have decided those, there are a wide range of options to consider.

    Tips to Save Money on Accommodations in Costa Rica

    • Travel during the rainy season as the rates at almost all accommodations go down during these months of April – December, with September and October being the cheapest. You can even bargain for a better rate if you are staying for a few days.
    • Research what accommodations you like best, and then be sure to Like their FaceBook page. That way you will be notified of their exclusive promotions, rates, and specials.
    • Check VRBO and AirBnB for alternatives to the standard options. Many of these have full kitchens which can help to make your trip more reasonable when you can eat at home.  These rates can be very reasonable for what is included in the rental.
    • Online booking sites can sometimes be more useful than hotel web sites. Some of those web sites are not easy to navigate or very informative.  And you may not be able to book or pre-pay online.  Which is why online booking sites can give you real peace of mind.

    Be sure to check out our other posts for more information on how to plan your trip and budget.

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