Mantrika Festival Features Carolina Chrem

Carolina comes from Brazil for this Festival

The Mantrika Festival, being held from September 21 – 29th, is to celebrate and explore the ancient traditions where we live, witness, share, and enjoy the sacred songs of many cultures.  From indigenous cultures, traditional Indian songs and mantras, as well as traditional African songs.

The Festival has now moved location to Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast for 3 more nights of classes, performances, and workshops.  They will finish at Punta Mona Retreat Center with a workshop and concert highlighting Carolina Chrem.

Carolina Chrem is a world-renowned vocalist, composer, musician, and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She composes her own original music and chants, but is greatly influenced by the Indian classical and devotional music, mantras,  and African sacred songs.  Her vision is to use her music as a means to awaken your consciousness, and connect with the sacred YOU within yourself.   Her voice has been referred to as hypnotic, and her lyrics positively soulful.

Workshops to enhance your own music.

Carolina has recorded and produced a number of albums, El Regalo del Presente (The Gift of the Present) in 2012, and Trance Ancestral (Ancestral Trance) in 2010.  She blends the east with the west, and integrates the ancient and the contemporary creating a moving fusion of sounds.    In 2009 and 2011, using material taken from her workshops, she directed and produced two CDs, Ritual de Voces (Voice Rituals).  These include music from different cultures, vocal improvisation, and what is called circle music.  In 2002, she worked on the CD, Chill in India.    She has performed in many locations around the world, and her live shows are a colorful masterpiece of sights and sounds, using various instruments from different cultures.

She has been offering workshops for over 15 years to share her passionate love of devotional music as a sacred means to enhance one’s own meditation, transformation and healing.  Be sure not to miss out on this opportunity to hear this extraordinary sound for yourself.

To purchase your ticket or for more details,  contact Yoga Mandir at [email protected] or call them at 2524-1843.


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