Man Has Tested Positive 78 Times for Covid-19

    Kayasan is a man from Istanbul who has not been able to get rid of Covid-19

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    The story of this man is still surprising for the health authorities of that country. Well, his case could be mentioned as unprecedented around the world. Since the first Covid-19 test was carried out last November 2020, he began to live a nightmare. Starting from there he has tested positive for Coronavirus in all the tests that have been carried out with him during the last 14 months.

    Muzaffer Kayasan has been dragging leukemia as a base pathology. His case has shocked public opinion as he himself, at his request, helps the authorities after waging a long battle against Covid-19 that has spread in recent months.

    The contagion

    The man narrates for the local press that he contracted the disease at the end of November 2020 and in view of the fact that he has not tested negative, he has had to remain in permanent quarantine, a situation that constantly overwhelms him.

    “I constantly test positive. When we ask scientists and doctors, their answer is that my immune system is weakened, because I have leukemia, and they have kept me alive for the last 14 months with the drugs they prescribe. It is a very difficult process,” the man laments and explains that he had a bone marrow transplant 3 years ago.

    His social life changed

    As we all well know, one of the main restrictions when sick with Covid-19 is going outside the home in order to avoid possible infections. Usually his relatives, especially his wife and son, go to visit him and after the visits they have never been infected.

    Specialists explain to him that he must be patient although he does not have symptoms or present any serious condition the disease continues to flow through his body as a response to how weakened he is due to his underlying pathology; in this case leukemia.

    “I can’t hug my family, I can’t talk to anyone, there is nothing left of my social life, of my family life, Covid-19 has ended my way of life,” says Kayasan. Today Kayasan, in the midst of all the difficulties that he is experiencing, wishes to become an example so that all the people who still do not want to be vaccinated do so, because nobody really knows how the virus will behave within each organism.

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