Lily Cabezas and Her Life Purpose with Nature

    Living a life to the full, with awareness in our actions and connecting with the force of nature is something that few values, but that Costa Ricans like Lily enjoy every day...

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    At present, the fact of being conscious of the actions towards the environment is something that the world has been reinforcing little by little. More and more groups are becoming known in communities in countries like Costa Rica, where they decide to change their habits with the environment and have the role of motivating others, mainly the new generations.

    Reduce, reuse and recycle, are words that we have read a lot, but have you thought about whether you put them into practice? In part, protecting the environment has revolved around the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle); People who have taken ecological practices seriously carry out actions such as: reducing the use of certain foods, taking advantage of leftover water from domestic work, separating garbage according to type, among others.

    Of course, this point of view continues to require awareness campaigns, there are still people who see as something “bothersome” the fact that our planet must care for more or that the conscious group gives educational talks or publishes actions on their networks such as example: cleaning beaches and using the waste to make sculptures.

    Some issues are still ignored, such as our eating habits, the reality is that there are good practices such as buying local products or reducing meat consumption, which has been promoted in part by organizations such as the IPCC or the FAO.

    What makes us have responsible behavior or consumption?

    According to the model of change in consumer behavior developed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​we have brakes and also reinforcers to develop a responsible, conscious, or sustainable behavior.

    Example of awareness and perseverance

    Today, we applaud activities like that of Lily Cabezas, a Costa Rican nature lover, activist, and project director. She is co-founder of Green Heart, a non-profit organization that promotes human change; Cabezas maintains that “the more human we are, the more sensitive and more loving we are.”

    For Lily, it is important to promote environmental and social awareness and to promote education. “We work with the theme of beach cleaning and connection with nature, this is my passion, my life purpose, to generate changes in society. If you connect with nature, you realize that when you see yourself in it, you can love and take care of her.”

    Green Heart, a joint effort

    Green Heart is already 3 years old, what motivated Lily Cabezas was that she was in the Costa Rican Caribbean in a beach cleanup, “it really was a shock, because I had volunteered in several places, but on this beach, it was extreme the presence of plastic, microplastic and all the materials that you can imagine and I saw myself at that moment recollecting things from the beach, and they were consumer goods, I immediately reflected, -I have to do something, I have to initiate a change in my actions of consumption, but that shouldn’t just stop here, I should inspire others, move others, Ticos should generalize that all human beings must get motivated and generate changes”, she said.

    And these are issues that seem insignificant but have an unbelievable impact on our lives, and being aware can save us in the future. Many people, because they are busy or disconnected from nature, do not detail the damage caused, and do not delve into the carbon footprint of each one.

    Lily continued telling us that her volunteer work cleaning beaches and other actions for the care of biodiversity began as a result of the fact that she had started training to climb Cerro Chirripó, which is the highest elevation in Costa Rica, and as she climbed it, she began to fall in love with the country, with nature, seeing herself in it, and say “wow, this is pure beauty that I had not experienced!”

    Finally, Lily Cabezas, expressed a message and it is “connecting with Mother Nature is living with her and not just from her, it is recognizing her strength and the power that surrounds us and emanates from all beings.”

    If you want to know more about her daily activities and volunteer, follow her on the Instagram accounts: @lilycabezas and @fundaciongreenheart.

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