Life Expectancy of Ticos is the Fourth Highest in Latin America

    Average in the country is 77 years

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    Costa Rica is in fourth place in Latin America in terms of life expectancy, according to what the Bloomberg news portal published in March, with data from the United Nations.On average, Ticos live 77 years, putting our country above Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico.

    Last year our country was in 6th place in the region, but life expectancy was the same (77 years).Over time, this indicator has increased sustainably, since in 1950 in Costa Rica people lived an average of 54 years.For the future, the expectation would continue to grow and projections suggest that by 2100 it would be 91 years.

    The top countries

    Chile has the highest life expectancy in the region at 79 years, however, in Puerto Rico (a country dependent on the United States) this indicator is 80 years.Antigua and Barbuda, and Barbados complete the podium at 78 and 77 years old respectively.In Latin America and the Caribbean the average longevity is 72 years; Women being the ones who live the longest (75.8) compared to men (68.8).

    The lowest

    The countries with the lowest life expectancy at birth are: Haiti (63), Bolivia (63), Guyana (65) and Guatemala (69).On the other hand, the news portal highlights that the region lost 2.9 years of life expectancy between 2019 and 2021 as a result of Covid-19.During this period the expectation was worse in Central America with a loss of 3.6 years.

    Blue Zones

    Costa Rica has one of the five blue zones (region characterized by the high healthy longevity of its population) existing in the world, located in five cantons of Guanacaste, on the Nicoya Peninsula: Santa Cruz, Hojancha, Carrillo, Nandayureand, part from the canton of Nicoya.

    In these areas, there are a large number of inhabitants over 90 years old, exceeding the average life expectancy for men and women, even over 100 years of age.

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