Let Us Not Become Slaves to Bad Moods

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    There are various circumstances that cause us emotional situations that at the time unbalance our mood. Mood swings are normal and it is normal to have emotions, but we cannot allow them to dominate us. Generally, almost all of us spend about three days out of ten trying to shake ourselves out of a bad mood due to circumstances or moments that we live.

    A bad mood can even be dangerous. Scientists know that chronically angry and hostile people are more prone to heart disease, but a study conducted by Harvard University researchers among more than 1,600 heart attack victims revealed that a simple outburst of anger doubles the chances of having a heart attack in the next two hours. That is why controlling moods can be a matter of life and death.

    Let’s look at some tips to control emotions:

    1-Identify the problem. When you feel angry or fearful, try to find out the cause. Once the origin of this emotional state is identified, a way can be found to resolve it.

    2-Respect your rhythms. Most people think that moods are the product of what happens to them, but the truth is that they are closely related to natural biological processes. “Everything we eat, our health and the activities we carry out, even the time of day, can influence them,” explains psychologist Robert Thayer. “It seems more serious when the energy is low.”

    3-Get enough sleep. There have been many studies that revealed adults sleeping on average, just under seven hours. Lack of sleep plays havoc with our emotions. If something frustrating happens, we have a harder time controlling our discomfort, as children do when they are tired.

    4-Live with nature. Contact with nature, in the opinion of many experts, helps to improve your mood. If you can’t get out of the city, simply sitting by a window overlooking some trees and a meadow will relax you.

    A study by psychologist Stephen Kaplan and his wife found that employees whose offices overlooked a green space worked more enthusiastically, suffered less discomfort, and felt less pressure than those whose offices opened onto a parking lot.

    5-Do exercises. In a study of 18 men and women, psychologist Robert Thayer found that a ten-minute brisk walk immediately increases energy and lowers tension, and that these effects last for at least an hour.

    Prolonged physical activity can also be beneficial. The release of beta-endorphin, a substance that inhibits stress, is just one of several mechanisms that may help lift your mood. In addition, exercise raises the body temperature in the same way as if one took a hot bath”, indicates Brad Hatfiel,

    6-Eat healthily. “Mood swings are often caused by the action of brain neurotransmitters that are activated and deactivated according to the food we eat”, says Elizabeth Somer, a dentist.

    There is growing evidence that carbohydrates help us feel better. According to biochemist Judith Wurtman, carbohydrates work by increasing the concentration of serotonin in the brain, which appears to act as a natural sedative. Thus, a little cereal, two or three cookies could be enough to produce a calming effect. However, the snack should have as little protein as possible, as this can impede the production of serotonin.

    Knowing how to control our moods turns out to be a key tool to preserve good physical and mental health. Correctly handling different adverse situations, those that unbalance us emotionally, will allow us to lead life in a positive and optimistic way.

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