Know 7 Keys to Be More Spiritual

Know 7 Keys to Be More Spiritual
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Spirituality is not associated with any religious belief. In a nutshell, this is based on accepting the world as it is, learning to enjoy it and be grateful for what you have. In this article, we will mention the 7 keys to be a more spiritual person.

Before mentioning these keys, you must first know that to be a more spiritual person you must believe in the possibility of being guided with love. Feel with all humanity. Get to know a dimension beyond cause and effect, motivated by ethics, serenity, and quality of life.

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7 Keys

1. Practice tolerance: the human being is a social being by nature; however the current pace of life and the need to “survive” has made him an individualistic entity. Get out and surround yourself with other people, tolerance is a virtue that you must practice in the place where you live, your work, and in your social circle.

2. Let your conscience advise you: the time you spend in traffic or waiting to be attended in an office, don’t spend it thinking about how bad the world is, better use it to focus on yourself: are you the person who always have you wanted to be

What do you want to improve in your life?
What do you need to be happy?
When you manage to speak with your conscience for at least 10 minutes each day, you will make better decisions and will be able to concentrate properly on your daily tasks.

3. Do things you love to free your mind: the free time you have to use it to do all the activities you like. Read a book, watch a movie, dance, do yoga, run, and paint, sing…

4. Do something for others, without expecting anything in return: How long have you not been doing yourself a favor just because you are helping someone? Put selfishness aside and don’t “cash in” on what you can do for someone else. Help, provide, support, support … in many cases the only thing that people require is someone who listens to them.

5. Disconnect from technology: The internet, social media, and media have isolated individuals. At least once a week, turn off everything for an afternoon and relax. Go for a walk, sit down and go through a window or better, get your family together and talk to them.

6. Read more: the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) considers reading as the best brain gym exercises you can do to ensure that your mind will remain strong. It doesn’t matter what you read but do it.

If you are not in the habit of reading, start with small texts or magazines that talk about topics that interest you and gradually increase the number of pages you consume until a book of more than 500 pages is nothing for you.

7. Meditate daily: Experts on this topic recommend that you go into your mind for at least 15 minutes, doing so relieves tension, improves your physical condition (reduces pressure and the risks of heart disease even in 48% according to the American Heart Association) and improve your performance.

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